Save Money with SKI FREE (And Enter Here to Win Four Free Lift Tickets!)

ski freeWinter sports are expensive. So whenever a great deal shows up, I love to share it!

And it’s especially nice when I can offer a generous giveaway, too.

Get Gas, Go Skiing

brave ski mom logoFor the past 12 winters, Shell gas stations across the country have partnered with SKI FREE to offer steep lift tickets discounts at over 30 resorts. Fill up your vehicle with at least 10 gallons of fuel and you can get a voucher good for buy-one-get-one-free-lift tickets at resorts in Colorado, New Mexico, California, Nevada, and Michigan.  

This year, there are 35 participating resorts. Newcomers for the 2014 SKI FREE program include Taos and Angel Fire in New Mexico.

Plus, for those who don’t ski or ride, First Ascent Mountain School is offering buy-one/get-one snowshoe tours, while Nova Guides is offering buy-one/get-one snowmobile tours.

Participating gas stations are in California, Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

For a full list of resorts and Shell stations, visit

Personal Experience

olympic sports alpine clip artWe’ve used these vouchers several times at Crested Butte and Copper Mountain, Colorado and they are a great deal. There’s only one tricky part. You have to get a receipt and have it initialed and stapled to the voucher at the Shell station. Don’t just pay at the pump and leave.

Some resorts have blackout dates, some do not. But all the details are available on the vouchers or online. You do have to buy two tickets (one full price, one free) for two people on one day. You can’t buy a ticket for one day and ski free the next.

The program runs through April 21st or the closing day at each resort. 

You’ve got to buy gas anyway, so it’s a screaming deal!

Four Lift Tickets to Giveaway

SKI FREE has very kindly donated four (4) FREE lift tickets to your choice of:ski free

  • Crested Butte, Colorado,
  • Copper Mountain, Colorado,
  • Taos, New Mexico or
  • Angel Fire, New Mexico.

Please note these are four free tickets, not buy-one/get-one vouchers.

To enter, please leave a comment about how excited you are to SKI FREE! For a second entry, “like” SKIFREEDEALS on Facebook or follow @skifreedeals on Twitter.

One winner will be chosen randomly from all entries on Tuesday, February 18th.

Good luck!

To facilitate this giveaway, SKI FREE donated four free lift tickets to the winner’s choice of one of four resorts. I received no compensation or lift tickets for this post. All opinions are my own and are based on my experience using Shell SKI FREE vouchers in the past. 

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Janna!

© 2014, Kristen Lummis. All rights reserved. Any use or publication of content, including photos, requires express permission.

About Kristen Lummis

I am the owner, writer and head ski tech at The mom of two boys in a busy outdoor family, I write about skiing all year round, tossing in some biking, hiking, parenting and even a bit of reflection during the off-season. While my recreational passion is for all things snow, my real passion is for my family.
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64 Responses to Save Money with SKI FREE (And Enter Here to Win Four Free Lift Tickets!)

  1. Keith Bare says:

    Amazing free tickets!!! Always wanted to go to Crested Butte!!

  2. Alex says:

    Under-financed college senior here, dying to hit the slopes!

  3. Michelle McMurray says:

    Free lift tickets?! I’m all about FREE!!! Copper – here we come! :-)

  4. Twain Berg says:

    Heck yeah…..haven’t been to Crusty Butt for a long time….sign us up

  5. Ann Driggers says:

    Yay!!! Love this deal – I’ve bought my 10 gallons of gas at Shell several times over the years to get this deal. Even better would be free lift tickets! I’d use mine at Crested Butte. Sick mountain. :)

  6. Melissa Worley says:

    FREE Skiing??!?! I cannot imagine anything better in the entire world. I would give up chocolate for an ENTIRE month….no…wait….an ENITRE week. I already know who I would invite….4 girlfriends….it’d be a moms (no kids) ski trip. AND, apres ski, we’d eat all the chocolate that I sacrificed on hoping that I’d win the tickets. =)

  7. Luke Stone says:

    Would love these ticks. Itd be the difference between making it out west this year or not. Can’t afford it without some help.

  8. Betsy says:

    Hey Kristin-would love to try my hand at winning tixs to Crested Butte- 25 years ago I won the same deal to CB with airline/ski tixs and lodging for 10 friends and family by writing a poem about skiing in Colorado!!!

  9. Uschi Hall says:

    Copper Mtn. , skied there once and love to go back.

  10. Heather Hogoboom says:

    Heck yeah! How can any self-respecting Colorado native NOT want to ski or ride for free?!?!?!
    Hayden would be oh-so-jazzed because one of his buddies has the Copper pass (and of course we are die-hard Epic Local pass holders). Fingers crossed ….

  11. Stacey says:

    I am soooo excited about SKI FREE!! We love to ski and let’s face it anytime you can save some money and enjoy the swoosh of your skis carving down the mountain with your family is a good day!

  12. Christy Fry says:

    That’s great! Thanks so much for providing this information. I had no idea we could do this. We are excited to try Crested Butte. We will do this for sure. Thanks again!

  13. Trish Mahre says:

    Would look forward to skiing some new resorts around/near Colorado!!!!
    4 free ski lift tickets—- really?
    Love your blog!

  14. Yes!!! Who wouldn’t want to ski free? Who wouldn’t want to ski with so much epic snow? And finally- who wouldn’t want to ski Crested Butte or Taos- two of my favorite places ever! Love this promotion!

  15. kim says:

    I’d LOVE to ski the Butte for free! I’ve been dying to take my family, here’s the perfect time!

  16. Emilie says:

    I’ve been stocking up on the buy one get one coupons at Shell because I have family coming into town to go skiing–if we could ski FREE this would be a dream!!

  17. roberto says:

    i love to ski free anywhere. how can i ski free in aspen in two weeks ;-)?

    • braveskimom says:

      That one is a bit trickier! We’re at Aspen every weekend unless we’re out of town. If you need any info, please let me know!

      • Roberto says:

        Thanks for the offer. Since this is a kiddless trip we have two days before the CEO (the most awesome braveskimom in my mind) of our house work friends show up. She been there before I have not, staying in aspen proper. Have element47 and cache cache (suckers for country french) lined up before we get wined and dined for few more days. Any yummy fill our tummy in the am before hitting the slopes places would be great. We are planning on buttermilk for our first day to get our ‘west’ ski legs on then go with the flow w/ the group after that. Any suggestions for the CEO to get spadified would be great also, I’m paying and willing to push the govt paystub.

        • braveskimom says:

          Poppycock’s for breakfast is always nice and convenient to the gondola at Aspen! At Buttermilk, the pasta of the day is usually quite fantastic at base area restaurant, Bumps! In Snowmass, check out Snowmass Kitchen and the Wildwood (gourmet hot dogs, pizza, good kid friendly after skiing food, plus beer, wine etc for adults). We also like the pretzel bites at the Ranger Station in Snowmass. On mountain you MUST go to the Elk Camp Lodge. If you’re there on a Friday night, go to Ullr nights! At Aspen Highlands, we’re big fans of the Merry Go Round (on mountain).

          For French, we actually like Rustique Bistro in Aspen best of all. New York Pizza is good and fast and easy (and upstairs on the Mall). Mezzaluna is delicious, and even more kid friendly is Brunelleschi’s Dome for sit down pizza and casual Italian. To pick up nice cheese, pates, meats etc for some apres fun, the Butcher Block has a good selection. Also delicious sandwiches. all of these are in Aspen.

          So many choices!

  18. Abigail Hills says:

    Coming to CO from WV to go skiing with my sister….getting super psyched, it would be even sweeter with free lift tickets!!

  19. Jennifer Hayde says:

    Love to ski!! Free even better!!!!!

  20. Karen Scherzinger says:

    Two words i love: ski &’free!

  21. Chris stammer says:

    would love to win tickets to Crested Butte. Listed as top 50 places to ski before you die!!

  22. Cindy Martin says:

    The boyfriend and I are saving for a house and paying for his daughter in college. No money for us to ski. Would love to win.

  23. Stan Newman says:

    We have 4 couples coming to Copper in less than two weeks and would love to share some free lift tickets.

  24. We go to Crested Butte every year and always use the ski promo through Shell stations. Thanks and hear is to another great ski year.

  25. Gwen Mills says:

    I would love to have the free ski tickets for our high school foreign exchange students, we always take them to Colorado skiing with us at Crested Butte!!!! We love the ski free vouchers for family and friends!!!

  26. dale trone says:

    I am glad to see taos be part of ski free I’d love to win free tickets and take a road trip

  27. Lisa Brennan says:

    Would be so excited to take our son who is a senior in high school and snowboarder out West!

  28. Janna Burton says:

    So excited to ski free!!!!!!!!!!!!

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