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How to Save Big On Kids’ Ski and Ride Gear

What are you doing this weekend? If you’re not going a) camping, b) to the beach, or c) back-to-school shopping, may I suggest hitting one of the big preseason ski and snowboard sales happening across the country? You’ll be glad … Continue reading

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Stage Your Own Multi-Day Bike Trip

Last October, I was inspired. I was inspired to outfit the family and venture on a multi-day point-to-point backpacking trip. I even went so far as to buy a book on the Colorado Trail. Unfortunately, with a late wet spring, … Continue reading

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Downhill Biking: Is Dirt the New Snow?

More and more ski resorts have added dedicated downhill biking trails to their summer offerings. It’s no surprise because downhill biking is surprisingly like skiing. It’s 70 degrees on a clear blue day and I’m sweating – a lot. Dressed … Continue reading

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Tight Turns: For Women Only (Trust Me)

Sorry guys, this is a female-specific post. It has very little to do with skiing (like nothing), but a lot to do with women’s health. Think of it as the first (and possibly only) Brave Ski Mom public service announcement. (And … Continue reading

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When Your Kids Don’t Share Your Passion

One of my friends has a problem. Her daughter refuses to ski. She also refuses to snowboard. She tried both sports when she was younger, but now at 15, she’s independent, stubborn and too young to leave at home alone … Continue reading

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