Kick Off Ski Season With A “Mystery” Giveaway

mystery giveaway brave ski mom

Great prizes in each of these bags!

What Will You Win?

Gift cards, product samples and more from Mountain Khakis, Liftopia, VISA, Hestra, PortaSki, Helmet Huggers and FOSY Originals.

braveskimom logoLater this week, the calendar will mark a change from summer to fall. This means ski season is only one month away in parts of North America.

What better way to kick off fall and the beginning of ski season than with a multi-part giveaway?

So What’s the Mystery?

In truth, none of the items you can win is really a “mystery.” With the exception of some great swag from Hestra, I know exactly what you might get and everything is described below.

But here’s the mystery: The names of eight prizes are written on eight pieces of paper and  are currently resting in eight identical paper bags.  When we do the drawing on September 25th, I’ll draw a name and staple it to a bag. Only when all eight prizes have been awarded will the bags be opened. 

Some of the prizes are from my gear sample cupboard, while others are swag and gift cards from companies with whom I’ve partnered. But no matter where they come from, they are all great prizes and they’re all brand new, in mint condition and in their original packaging.

What You Can Win

Let’s start with the gift cards…essentially cold, hard cash you can use in the upcoming cold, fun months!

1.  Two $30 gift cards from Mountain Khakis (two winners on this one)!

mountain khakis logoI’ve been an ambassador for Mountain Khakis for almost two years and this fall’s collection for women has me very excited. Why? Wool.

I know, wool it not exactly a new and exciting fiber, but the more wool I wear, be it woven into base layers, knit into soft sweaters or loomed into lightweight, breathable outerwear, the more I love wool.

womens lodge jacket mountain khakis

Mountain Khakis new Lodge Jacket for 2013.

Specifically, I am infatuated with MK’s new Lodge Jacket, a thigh-length, slim fitting merino wool jacket with a hood and flattering style. It comes in black and white, and while I know the black is more practical, I am sorely tempted to try the white. It’s a great look!

Last season, I featured the cotton and cashmere Amanda sweater and after wearing it for a year, it remains one of my favorite layering pieces. It’s a shirt, it’s a light jacket. It’s just so darn versatile. 

And these two items are just the beginning of what you’ll find on the Mountain Khakis website. There’s a full range of clothing for women, men and even some super sturdy MK pants for kids!

2.  A $25 gift card from! logoYou probably already know all about, but if you don’t, Liftopia is the a seller of on-line, advance purchase lift tickets. What this means is that you can go to and purchase a date specific lift ticket for a resort, at a discount — sometimes up to 80% off! For example, if you’re planning to visit a favorite resort over the Christmas holidays, you can buy your tickets now and lock in the savings. also sells my dream pass — The Mountain Collective Pass. This season, the Mountain Collective pass offers two free days and unlimited 50% off days at Alta, Snowbird, Aspen/Snowmass, Jackson Hole, Mammoth, Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, and Whistler Blackcomb. ROAD TRIP!

All told, Liftopia currently offers discounts at close to 250 resorts across four continents.

(Oh yeah, and while you’re on the site, check out their blog!)

3.  $25 VISA Preloaded Debit Card. 

ColoradoVISA Card.comNot quite a gift card, these VISA prepaid cards have only one real drawback: while they come in (literally) 1000s of different designs, they haven’t yet introduced a ski- or snowboard-themed card. But they do have a Colorado flag card and that’s the one you’ll win! 

I think these cards are a great idea for active families for two big reasons.

First, I think they are a handy solution for families that split up during a ski day. While resort charge is definitely convenient and safe for kids to use (since the charge card information is embedded in their pass), not every resort has resort charge and its a CHARGE.

With a debit card, I choose how much money is on it and they choose how to spend it. If we aren’t meeting for lunch, the boys can eat as much as they want up to a point. Or, they can use the money for handwarmers. Their choice, but my limit. 

Second, I love the idea of traveling internationally with a debit card. Safer than cash, these cards are accepted where ever you can use a VISA, even in worldwide ATMs. Sure there are fees associated with international use, but it’s still easier than carrying dollars.

One caveat: The cards are free to use for the first 30 days. If you maintain a balance on the card after 30 days, there is a monthly fee of $5.95. There are no fees on a cash balance zero card and you can save it to reload for your next adventure.

So if you win this, get out and spend it right away!

4. Swag From Hestra! 

hestra logoThis one’s a mystery…even to me! Last season, I received a box of swag from Hestra that included some really nice Buffs, that we used all winter and throughout the summer, so I would definitely expect a Buff. Beyond that, I have no idea!

What I do know is that if you’re in the market for ski/ride gloves or mittens this year, check out Hestra. I’ve skied in Hestra mittens for two seasons now and they are the BEST on cold days.

Check out my review from last season.

5.  PortaSki Ski Rollers!

portaski ski rollers trolley

All strapped on and ready to roll.

It’s a trolley on wheels for your skis. Designed to make schlepping your skis and poles from car to lodge much easier, the PortaSki is cleverly designed and well made. It doesn’t pull easily in deep snow or on rough terrain, but all-in-all, if carrying skis is not to your (or your child’s liking), you might like the PortaSki!

Here’s my review from last season. 

6. Helmet Huggers Helmet Cover! 

helmet huggers ski helmet covers.

Two of the more adventurous Helmet Huggers designs!

It’s “lipstick for your helmet,” according to Stephanie Ryneveld, one of the founders of Helmet Huggers. A lightweight, full helmet cover with a fur band, Helmet Huggers come in a wide variety of colors and styles, from classic to funky.  Today, I’m giving away a black Lady Morgan cover, with brown wolf faux fur.

The cover slides easily over your helmet and voilà, you’ve gone from “boring ski bum to sexy snow bunny!”

Here’s my full review about this fun mother-daughter company. 

7. FOSY Originals Helmet Band!

FOSY Originals Helmet Band.

FOSY Originals Helmet Band.

When it comes to dressing up ski helmets, FOSY Originals was one of the first companies in the game. A British company (formerly FOSI), FOSY Originals makes fake fur helmet bands that slide over and around, but do not cover, the entire helmet. 

The fur looks surprisingly good for faux and the band is easy to put on. FOSY Originals also makes matching scarves, head bands, hats, wrist and boot cuffs and boot warmers. I’m giving away a Marmot helmet band.

Yes, one more review, this time about FOSY Originals.

Giveaway Details 

So here’s how this whole things works.

To enter, simply leave a comment. That’s all!

For a second entry, follow Braveskimom on Facebook, Twitter, or Google + and tell me which one.

Since this is a blind giveaway, I have put a slip of paper with a prize on it in each of eight matching paper bags. On September 25th, I will draw eight names and staple each one to a bag. That assigns a name to a prize. Totally blind, totally random.

Good luck!

Thank you to each of these companies for donating product for review, gift cards and swag! As always, all opinions are my own and are exactly what I would tell my family and friends. 

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Ginger, Tanya, Christy, Suzi, Stacy, Linda, Jennifer and Matt!

© 2013, Kristen Lummis. All rights reserved. Any use or publication of content, including photos, requires express permission.

About Kristen Lummis

I am the owner, writer and head ski tech at The mom of two boys in a busy outdoor family, I write about skiing all year round, tossing in some biking, hiking, parenting and even a bit of reflection during the off-season. While my recreational passion is for all things snow, my real passion is for my family.
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      Thanks David and of course, welcome BSDs! I totally understand — you don’t need a faux fur helmet cover, no matter how glamorous it will make you look! Thanks for being willing to donate it back. That’s awesome. Cheers!

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          Oh, that is so kind! Merci.

          Tourisme Quebec is planning this and I don’t yet know the itinerary, but yes, if we do come to the Laurentians, I’ll be sure to email. In fact, I’ll try to let you know where we’re headed in case you have “don’t miss” suggestions. I always appreciate a local perspective, especially when writing the follow up article!

          And best of luck (bonne chance!) to your two young racers this season!

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