Every Day is a Powder Day For OpenSnow’s Joel Gratz

joel gratz skiing

Three years ago, I interviewed Joel Gratz, the founder of OpenSnow.com, a snowfall forecasting site and a go-to source for powder aficionados in the U.S. Watching the snow fall (and fall, and fall) in South America this summer, has me dreaming of a massive El Niño winter for Colorado. Dreaming of deep snow made me think of Joel. And thinking of Joel made […]

Book Review and Giveaway: Tales From Another Mother Runner

dimity sarah tales from another mother runner

I will be the first to tell you that running doth not a skier make. I learned this the hard way one autumn, when preferring running to biking and running to weights, I did nothing but run. Come winter, while my legs were in great shape for running, they were not ready for skiing. Since then I’ve […]

Downhill Biking For Everyone

women dh biking north star

If you’ve spent any time in the mountains this summer, particularly around ski resorts, you’ve probably seen a lot of bikes. Mountains and bikes have gone together since the first knobby tires hit a hiking trail in either Marin County, California or Crested Butte, Colorado – depending upon your geographic prejudice and the story you’re being told. […]

Need New Ski Gear? Tips for Knowing When It’s Time

skis junior

A wise friend once said, “The days stretch on forever, but the seasons fly by.” She was talking about raising teenagers, but her comment makes me think of summer. No season flies by more quickly. One day you’re at the beach and the next day the kids are in school. One day you’re summiting a […]