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Skiing, and learning, with friends if more fun. And no, you don't have to have matching coats!

Phyrric Victories: What’s A Mom To Do?

When our son was  9 years old, he placed second overall for the season in our local ski racing club. It was his first year of racing and he was absolutely thrilled. His coaches congratulated him, breaking the good news with smiles, hugs and a round of M&Ms and high fives. I was, to say the least, quite proud. So, I arrived at the end-of-season-awards party, camera in … [Read More...]

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Featured Story

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get outfitted ski gear

Get Outfitted Rents Ski Clothes, and Makes It Easy

Two years ago, Colorado entrepreneur Julian Flores had a big idea: he wanted to rent top-quality ski and snowboard gear to travelers, shipping it to their destination. He thought it was a perfect way for occasional skiers and snowboarders to save money, … [Read More...]

rubbo family ski sundown

Connecticut’s Family Favorite: Ski Sundown

Today's post is really fun, and a genuine group effort. Thanks to five ski moms, each of whom graciously took time to answer my questions about Ski Sundown in New Hartford, Connecticut, we've got a great perspective on why this small resort in southern New … [Read More...]

snowmass elk camp

Skiing Snowmass With Teens

  When your children are young it's easy to find great family ski resorts. Most resorts offer extensive programs for 12-and-unders, including learn to ski and ride classes, day care, craft parties, game nights and so on. It’s different with … [Read More...]

ski n see swag storm

Swag Storm Contest from Ski ‘N See

As you may know, Ski 'N See of Utah is one of braveskimom.com's best supporters. Just two months after I started writing in 2010, Ski 'N See offered to sponsor a Junior Helmet Giveaway. They've sponsored one, in cooperation with Giro, every year … [Read More...]

ski fashion 2015 skea s'no queen rohner

Ski Fashion 2015: Skea, S’No Queen, Rohner

Skea Moyo Skirt A friend recently asked me about après skirts. Being male, he needed an explanation of why women love them. “Because you can pull them over your ski pants, shed the pants, keep the baselayers, add cute boots or shoes and be ready for a beer … [Read More...]