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The Biggest Adventure

For 18 years, my husband and I have been getting outdoors with our kids. When our oldest son was just shy of one month we took him high into the San Juan Mountains for a retreat at the family cabin. On the first night of our journey, he slept through for the first time, a habit he’s rarely broken since that glorious weekend. Fresh air? Altitude? Riding shotgun in the Baby … [Read More...]

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Spring Cleaning for Skiers

As one of my friends says, "May is the new December."  Just when you thought life couldn't get any busier, it does, especially if you have kids in school. … [Read More...]

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Successful Skiing with Your Spouse or Partner

A guest post from Brave Ski Dad, James Lummis. My wife is my main skiing partner. Lifelong skiers, we met in college and have skied together long enough to raise two teenage skiers. We are very fortunate to enjoy such a great sport … [Read More...]

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Get Outfitted Rents Ski Clothes, and Makes It Easy

Two years ago, Colorado entrepreneur Julian Flores had a big idea: he wanted to rent top-quality ski and snowboard gear to travelers, shipping it to their destination. He thought it was a perfect way for occasional skiers and snowboarders to save money, … [Read More...]