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Family Skiing: Making Memories at Resorts in the Southeast and Deer Valley, Utah

A guest post from Rachael Stockwell, a brave ski mom from South Carolina. The years go so fast. One day you’re a child and the next day, you’re not. Luckily, childhood memories are often sparked again as you raise your own children. I look at my kids and I remember doing the same things, and feeling the same way. I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. There was so much snow, I … [Read More...]

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Featured Story

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thompson falls mini golf

Paddling Pleasures: Getting Out In Minnesota

Minnesotans are an active bunch. Despite living in state known for ridiculously cold winters, these hardy folk spend their winters outdoors: skiing, skating, sledding and, of course, ice fishing. When summer comes, they stay outside, delighting in mostly … [Read More...]

sophia greek wisdom

On Wisdom, Age and Family

While I certainly don’t consider myself stupid or naïve, I would never say that I'm wise. Wisdom is something I associate with ancient Greek philosophers and cartoon owls. It’s such a high and unattainable attribute that I never really even think about … [Read More...]

ski fashion 2014

And I Thought It Was Just A Fashion Show

A guest post from Cassie Harnett, Castleton State College, Castleton, Vermont (Note from the BSM: I met Cassie when I was at the North American Snowsports Journalists Association Annual Meeting in Killington, Vermont this winter. A communications major, … [Read More...]

transpack double vault ski bag

Spring Cleaning, Ski Style

Cleaning is never high on my list of priorities, but I do like to be organized and even more, I like to be prepared when ski season rolls back around in 6 months. So after the last turns have been made, the last used hand warmers thrown away and the last … [Read More...]