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Skiing Snowmass With Teens

  When your children are young it's easy to find great family ski resorts. Most resorts offer extensive programs for 12-and-unders, including learn to ski and ride classes, day care, craft parties, game nights and so on. It’s different with teens. They are less likely to jump feet first into anything, although most of them are totally stoked to jump head first … [Read More...]

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Featured Story

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Gear Notes: Xperio UV Lenses, Ski Dana and Munk Pack

Xperio Polarized Lenses I have a love/hate relationship with sunglasses. I can’t live without ‘em, but I’m prone to lose ‘em. So I’ve taken to purchasing super-cheap models and not caring about scratches, smashes or losses. Then I tried Xperio UV polarized … [Read More...]

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A Walk on The Wild Side at Snowmass

Not thirty minutes into my snowshoeing adventure with Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES), it struck me. Alpine skiing is like being on an interstate. Yes, I’m seeing the beautiful mountains, the intricate lacing of tree branches in relief … [Read More...]