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John winn

A Skiing Troubadour and His Skiing Trilogy

Way back in early April, I met a friend at a little café at a crossroads near several hiking, biking and climbing trailheads. Aptly called Trailhead Coffee, it's always full of people headed outdoorsfor fun, or just coming back in, flush with endorphins and ready to chat. My arm was freshly broken, in an immobilizer. It attracted a lot of attention, including the attention … [Read More...]

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beauty and rocks

The Rock in My Way

When I mountain bike, I often get fixated on the rocks in my way. I see them in the trail. They’re big or they’re sharp or they’re at the top of a hill and I'm … [Read More...]

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chairlift safety

We Do the Footrest

A local friend of mine, who is friends with Lif' Ticket, shared this. You may recognize Telluride in the background. You're sure to see yourself if you're over 35 … [Read More...]

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ski go play

Go. Play. The Forests Are Calling.

Just over 100 years ago, in March 1915 to be exact, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Term Occupancy Act, a law that would eventually shape how and where we ski in the United States. Also known as the Occupancy Permits Act of 1915, the law provided a … [Read More...]

womens skis coalition snow

Update on Coalition Snow Women’s Skis

Earlier this season, I wrote an article titled "Girly Skis? Yes or No?" that mentioned Coalition Snow, a woman-owned company selling woman-designed skis and snowboards. Jen Gurecki, the company's owner, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. Since I'm … [Read More...]

lapland lake cross country ski

Nordic Ski Gear Designed for Women

A guest post from  Roger Lohr, founder and editor of XCSkiResorts.com and a prolific national cross-country skiing writer.  While I love to cross-country ski, I'm still skiing on the same old skis, using the same old boots and wearing the same old clothing, … [Read More...]