Gear Notes: Hydrate, Look Great and Keep Bruises at Bay (Spring Giveaway)

gear notes LIF Flasq, Sidesaddle plaid shirt, demon padded baselayer

The Sidesaddle Plaid Shirt from Mountain Khakis, LIF Flasq and padded baselayer from Demon.

This post includes a fantastic giveaway from Demon, Life is Fluid and Mountain Khakis. For details, please see below. Thanks! 

A Next Gen Water Bottle from Life is Fluid

brave ski mom logoDoes the world really need another water bottle? Not if it’s the disposable kind that you drink and toss in the trash.

Yes, if it’s a smarter bottle, a bottle where every feature has been carefully designed and a bottle that could someday provide safe drinking water around the world?

That’s a bottle we can all use.

If you’re looking for a new hydration option, check out the LIF Flasq. Designed to combat any number of problems associated with regular bottles, the LIF Flasq looks funny, but works smart.

Two Chambers. Many Options.

The LIF Flasq holds nearly 20 ounces in two chambers. There is a large 16 ounce fill chamber for water and a small 3 ounce chamber that you can load with energy drink, juice or other beverage, or use it to hold water from the main chamber. Dividing the chambers is a straw-like tube that pushes water through a small, optional charcoal filter when you squeeze it.

The two chambers give you lots of flexibility. And while they are not completely separated (some water will likely get into your energy drink), the dual chambers mean you can carry just one bottle, instead of two.

The Flasq comes with a neoprene cover, with a strap, loop and carabiner. Because the bottle is weighs only 4 ounces when empty, and is a low-profile two inches wide, you can strap it to a belt loop, your skis pants, a backpack or, use the soon-to-introduced Qlip and carry it on your bike.

Life is Fluid. Qlip

The Qlip. Coming soon.

I’ve even seen a testimonial from a mom whose toddler carries the Flasq everywhere, alternating apple juice and water, all day long.

The LIF Flasq is completely made in the US of recycled and recyclable plastic. The bottle is dishwasher safe (remove the charcoal filter) and freezer safe.

And while the current filter is akin to a Britta type filter for taste and basic purity, the company is working on a filter that would remove biological contaminants and could become an on-the-go purification system for use in places where the water supply is unsafe.

That’s pretty cool.

Skiing with a LIF Flasq

Photo courtesy Life Is Fluid.

A Bright Burst of Spring Color from Mountain Khakis

Spring calls for fresh colors and lighter weight clothes, but since the weather can be fickle, it’s always good to have a few temperature spanning tops hanging in your closet.

This spring, one of my favorites is the new Sidesaddle Plaid shirt from Mountain Khakis. I may live in the West, yet I’m not really a Western gal. But this shirt has just the right amount of country casual for me, without going overboard. Yes, it has snaps instead of buttons, but they are clear and look terrific.

sidesaddle plaid shirt mountain khakis

Photos courtesy Mountain Khakis.

I also like the fabric, which Mountain Khakis describes as “cotton dobby”. A subtle weave of red, orange and grey (in the Pink Salmon color), the effect is a nicely textured, substantial fabric that is also lightweight.

The fit is flattering and just a little bit tailored with bias cut side panels. I found that the Medium fit true to size.

It’s a winner, whether you’re headed out to dinner, riding the range, hiking in the desert, or doing whatever your do to get your Spring on.

Bruises, Be Gone! Banished By Demon. 

I’ll admit. It was skeptical when Brent Davidson from Demon suggested I try padded baselayers for skiing. As I explained to him, I’m not that hardcore, you won’t find me in the park.

But then he explained to me, that some of his best customers are beginner skiers and snowboarders, who are worried about falling and feel more confident when they know they’ve got some safety gear on.

So I tried ‘em, both a long and a short version.

Here’s what I think.

If you’re a snowboarder, the long Flexforce baselayers are awesome, especially if you fall on your behind (or sit on the snow on your behind and want to stay warm), thighs or knees. The pads are fairly unobtrusive and easily fit under snowboard pants without making your behind look big (this is important!).

The knee pads are adjustable with an exterior Velcro strap and all pads are removable and washable.

demon long base layer

Women’s Flexforce X D30 pants. Photos courtesy Demon.

The Flexforce Pro short is similar to the long version, except there is no knee protection. You can buy knee pads separately from Demon, or if you’re primarily concerned about your tail bone, wear these alone over your regular baselayer.

demon padded ski and snowboard shorts.

Photo courtesy Demon.

While the target market is snowboarders, Brent sells a lot of these, as well as padded tops with shoulder, arm, chest and back protection, to skiers who are worried about falling, have been in accidents, or just want an additional layer of protection.

ski protection demon

Photo courtesy Demon.

In addition to snowsports body armor, Demon has full range of padding for skateboarding, mountain bike and BMX, roller derby and snowmobiling. They’ve even got ski and snowboard tune kits.

Check ‘em out!

Giveaway Details

Thanks so much to Life is Fluid, Mountain Khakis and Demon for donating three great items for this giveaway.

One winner will receive a LIF Flasq, Demon Flexforce Long base layer (Women’s or Men’s), and a $30 Mountain Khaki gift card! What a perfect way to celebrate spring!

Two runners-up will each receive a LIF Flasq.

To enter, leave a comment. For an additional entry, “like” Braveskimom, Demon, Life Is Fluid and Mountain Khakis on Facebook, or follow each of us on Twitter (@braveskimom, @demon_dirt, @lifeisfluid, @mountainkhakis).

One winner will be chosen randomly from all entries received on Friday, March 21. Two runners-up will then be chosen randomly from all remaining entries. 

Good luck!

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To facilitate this post, I received a variety of padded gear from Demon to try, a LIF Flasq and I borrowed sample items from Mountain Khakis. As always, all opinions are my own and are exactly what I would tell my family and friends. 



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  1. Melissa Wyrick says

    What great giveaways. We had a great ski season with the kids and looking forward to the wonderful Carolina spring weather.

  2. Cora says

    Maybe Demon sells subtle gate protection as well? I can’t get my daughter to don her padded race suit in training, and her forearms and shoulders take a beating.

  3. Lisa says

    I like the leopard print on the water bottle too. Please throw my name in the hat :). Thanks!

  4. says

    What great equipment ideas! And the “crash pants”! Fantastic! My freestyle skiing daughter has some and loves them! I would love some too and might hit a few more features in the park if I had a bit of padding on my bottom! 😉

    • says

      I love how you call them “crash pants!” The perfect name, and I agree, I think I might even try a rail knowing I will bounce instead of bruise! Cheers!