The Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Our friend Noah has Angelman Syndrome. When he was a baby, his parents were told he might never walk. Today, he skis. Only 8 years old, Noah is an inspiration, as are the adaptive ski programs and ski instructors who’ve worked with him.

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  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to share that a Facebook group that was started by a father who lost a child with Angelman Syndrome to epilepsy has planned a ski trip in February 2012. Please visit the group “Suck Feizures” and meet Mike “The Bulldog” Ross, he has been a great advocate for Angelman Syndrome and Seizures and is just a great guy. Please feel free to contact me directly or visit the “Suck Feizures Skis 2012″ group on Facebook!

    My son Nick has Angelman syndrome too!

    Bridget Cella

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