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bridgestone winter driving school

Get a Grip on Driving at Bridgestone Winter Driving School

When it comes to winter driving, you gotta get a grip. Not necessarily a “grip,” as in getting your act together, although that helps too. But truly, a grip on the road, a grip on the wheel and a grip on how your vehicle works. For years, my winter driving strategy has been: stay home, stay off the roads, or let my husband drive. But that’s not always practical and … [Read More...]

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Featured Story

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Poinana Brasov, Romania ski

Less-Skied Europe: Ski Romania, Greece and Bulgaria

A guest post from Corina David.  Think of winter sports in Europe and you’ll likely think of Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland. Thanks to the glaciers, these countries offer some spectacular sights and unforgettable memories. But the truth is that … [Read More...]

kids at snowmass

Five Reasons Why Your Kids Should Ski Free

If you've got a 5th or 6th grader, this could be your best winter ever! Whether you live in Colorado or New York, Utah or Maine, if you live in a skiing state, there's a good chance your state has a "Passport Program" that allows kids in a certain grade … [Read More...]

girlfriends at Silverton

Finding Silver Linings in Silverton

A guest post by Rachel Walker. When I first skied Silverton Mountain many years ago, I left in an ambulance. Until now, I haven’t told many people that. It’s kind of embarrassing. At the time I was an editor at Skiing magazine and on assignment for a … [Read More...]