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Every Day is a Powder Day For OpenSnow’s Joel Gratz

Three years ago, I interviewed Joel Gratz, the founder of OpenSnow.com, a snowfall forecasting site and a go-to source for powder aficionados in the U.S. Watching the snow fall (and fall, and fall) in South America this summer, has me dreaming of a massive El Niño winter for Colorado. Dreaming of deep snow made me think of Joel. And thinking of Joel made me realize … [Read More...]

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Lessons Learned

With any luck, and God willing, this will be my last post on cancer for a while. Ten days ago, I had a follow-up visit at the Mayo Clinic that went really well. … [Read More...]

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family lift ride solitude

Life is Better…On a High Speed Lift

  For at least a decade, I've complained about the main lift at a nearby resort. I grew up skiing Powderhorn Mountain Resort, and while I'm loyal to this small resort’s amazing glades and often-deep powder, the 13 minute lift ride (sans footrest) … [Read More...]

beauty and rocks

The Rock in My Way

When I mountain bike, I often get fixated on the rocks in my way. I see them in the trail. They’re big or they’re sharp or they’re at the top of a hill and I'm running out of steam. These rocks have been known to derail me, especially if I’m not looking … [Read More...]

chairlift safety

We Do the Footrest

A local friend of mine, who is friends with Lif' Ticket, shared this. You may recognize Telluride in the background. You're sure to see yourself if you're over 35 (sigh...) Enjoy! … [Read More...]


The Biggest Adventure

For 18 years, my husband and I have been getting outdoors with our kids. When our oldest son was just shy of one month we took him high into the San Juan Mountains for a retreat at the family cabin. On the first night of our journey, he slept through for … [Read More...]

brush skis

Spring Cleaning for Skiers

As one of my friends says, "May is the new December."  Just when you thought life couldn't get any busier, it does, especially if you have kids in school. Everything happens at once: end of the year concerts and performances, spring sports, conferences, … [Read More...]

prismsport kaleidoscope

Introducing PRISMSPORT Active Wear (Giveaway, Too)

I hate to admit it, but I love yoga pants. It’s a mommy-dom stereotype, an internet meme. But yoga pants are  really practical. They don’t wrinkle, they’re always comfortable and as long as I’m wearing them, there’s a chance I’ll go running or to the … [Read More...]