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Refreshed, Recharged and Revamped: Hello to the NEW BSM!

Four years ago this week, my oldest son, then 14, was being snarky. "Remember that blog you always said you'd start?" he asked. "Well, I knew you'd never do it." Here's how I reacted. Did I stand up for myself? No. Did I get angry? No. Was I hurt by his words? A little. But my first reaction, my initial impulse, was to think "You're right. I knew I'd never do it … [Read More...]

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Spring Cleaning, Ski Style

Cleaning is never high on my list of priorities, but I do like to be organized and even more, I like to be prepared when ski season rolls back around in 6 months. So after the last turns have been made, the last used hand warmers thrown away and the last … [Read More...]

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Unique California: Sea Kayaking Santa Cruz Island

Just about an hour off the coast of southern California lie the closest of the Channel Islands. Rising from the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, four of these islands, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel, swing away from the west coast in a … [Read More...]

Skiing at pico Vermont

A Season of Skiing Firsts

You’d think that after 40+ years of skiing, it might be hard for me to come up with “firsts.” Not so, and this winter, the winter of 2013-1014, has seen an absolute bonanza of “firsts.” Good Firsts, Not Bad Now before I get too far along, I want to … [Read More...]