Why I Love Being A (Brave Ski) Mom

downhill family biking snowmass colorado

In late July, downhill biking at Bike Snowmass. I am now the shortest member of the family.

braveskimom logoI hate August.

I know I shouldn’t. In most parts of the world August is a month for holidays, for family gatherings and for long-standing summer traditions.

When I was a teenager, I spent a summer in Italy. Come August, everyone went on holiday. Every shop, every laundry, every professional office: they all sported signs in their window that said “Chiuso per ferie Agosto.” (That is, Closed for August Vacation).

Sadly, for those of us in many parts of Colorado, August is not the month of holidays, but the month when school starts. And this year, it starts on August 12th.

Back to School Blahs

first day of school

First day of high school, 2011.

And while I know some parents who can’t wait for school to resume, each year, the first day of school breaks my heart just a little more.

Why? Because I love being a mom and I love spending time with our sons. I truly miss them each and every day when then pack their backpacks and leave before the sun comes up.

So this week is THE END, the final week of summer vacation, of sleeping in, of sharing lunch together, being outdoors together and watching movies during the daytime together (I don’t know why, but watching a movie on a hot afternoon defines the height  of hedonism for me).

This summer, we’ve mountain biked, hiked, played disc golf and badminton, watched as many Alfred Hitchcock movies as we could find, and a few ski movies as well. We’ve traveled near and far and we’ve logged a lot of family time in groups of two, three and four. 

And I never tire of it. While my sons are ready to go back to school and see their friends, recharge their minds and get out of the house, I never tire of their company.

Why? Because I love being a mom. I love being their mom. I love them. And when they are not around, I am poorer for their absence.

Three Years and Counting…

Just three years ago, I started my blog, this blog, the Brave Ski Mom. In my second post, I wrote about why I chose the name “Brave Ski Mom,” but I don’t really think I ever explained why I really decided to write a blog.

punta cana barcelo

The boys and me in Punta Cana during summer 2010. Back then, I was taller than both of them!

Yes, I felt that our experience as a skiing and ski racing family was something I could share in a way that would inspire other families to enjoy an amazing sport and outdoor lifestyle.

But really, as I tell people all the time, I started writing the Brave Ski Mom because I was on the edge of an abyss. My boys were both entering middle school and suddenly, I was a mom without a role. They needed more independence and I needed something to do.

Writing, about skiing, about family adventure and about my feelings as a parent gave me a role. It also gave me a new identity. Even more, it gave me new friends.

This past week, visitor number 249,000 came to BSM. I don’t what she or he read, I don’t know if they liked what they saw or clicked away immediately. What I do know, it that I truly appreciate every visitor, every return reader and every dedicated follower that I have.

Without you all, I’d be typing in the wind.

Thank you.

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  1. says

    Love this. I too am sad when August rolls around. My two boys are going into 6th & 8th grade and I can’t stand how fast it is all moving! My oldest said that August was like the “Sunday” of the summer. The end of a fun time and back to work! :(

    • says

      Oh Julie! Your son is so insightful! Remember when they were infants and toddlers and time moved so slowly? Still, even with teenagers, I find that each passing year brings more fun as they grow and mature. That’s a big bonus! Best of wishes to both of your boys (and you) this school year!

  2. says

    Ironically, it was our travels to Colorado this summer that led me to the decision to do virtual schooling for my 8yo, so we could still have all those adventures together! Also, as someone who started their first blog the day her only child started kindergarten, I feel your growing pains. :) The the skiing is certainly more adventure than I have the coordination for, your finding a new purpose of self with this blog is what truly makes you “Brave” in my eyes. Congrats on three years! Here’s to many more!

  3. Winkie Grandison says

    Being an outdoor adventure Mom is the best. I hated it when my kids went back to school. i had so much fun with them teaching them how to sail, swimming, hiking, skiing etc.

    Now i am a grandmother of seven Grands six and under. I am trying to carry on the adventures. Being outside and running around is a way of life for our family. But a couple of things: 1. it helps to have a spouse who also loves being outside and a variety of activities; 2. as you age, trying to exercise and eat right and get enough sleep are clearly important; 3. Grands are wonderful too but it takes luck andf work to stay in shape to keep up with them.

    I too am a writer. I turned to writing to relive my experiences with my kids and Grands. I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!!!!! Young women need your inspiration. Unfortunately not everyone likes the outdoors or has the means and opportunity to enjoy skiing but there are lots of other possibilities for family outdoor adventures even in the east where I live.

    All the best and thanks,


    • says

      Dear Winkie, your comments mean so much to me. Thank you so much.

      Your advice on keeping active and enjoying outdoor adventure is invaluable. My kids are blessed to have three active grandparents and your tips are spot on.

      Thank you! Thank you! Your taking the time to comment means a lot to me. Take care and enjoy those seven grandchildren!

  4. says

    Great family photo! Sad thing is I remember when we were that young. Time goes by way too fast, as do the summers. Getting back to Colorado always reminds me of why I love the outdoors and why I want my children to love them as well. There is nothing better a parent can do than spend time together outside playing catch, walking, biking, skiing….. It’s some of the best quality time I’ve ever had with my kids. Take it all in because the next thing we know we’ll be buying bigger winter clothes and shoes for the ever growing kids.

  5. Cathie Buscaglia says

    We are enjoying these final weeks of summer adventuring in Montana, hiking, downhill mountain biking and making lots of memories. Our kids will be entering 8th and 11th grade when we return to Vermont. It’s so true that time flies when you are having fun! Keep sharing your stories. Thanks!

    • says

      Time does fly and while I hate to see the days rush by, there is comfort in knowing that we’re busy, active and enjoying one another’s company. Not a lot more I could ask for! Good luck with Middle and High School this year!