The World is Coming to Vail in 2015. Bring Your Kid’s Ski Gear in a Kinderkarry Bag (Giveaway).

kinderkarry bag

Vail Beaver Creek 2015 Kinderkarry bag. Yes, it will carry your kid’s skis!

brave ski mom logoThe Olympics may have ended, but don’t let ski racing skip your mind.

Because next year, the world comes to Colorado for the 2015 FIS World Cup Championships at Vail/Beaver Creek.

If you follow ski racing, you know that Beaver Creek has hosted the World Cup men’s tour for many years.  In 2013, the Women’s tour also came calling.

vail beaver creek 2015

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While these races are a big deal, the World Championships are an even bigger deal. Beginning with the opening ceremonies on February 2, 2015, they close nearly two weeks later on the 15th, with 19 training and championship events in between.

Think of them as the Olympics without skates or sleds.

Kinderlift and Kinderkarry: Official World Cup Merchandise

In honor of the World Championships, Colorado entrepreneur Randy Burkland is introducing Vail 2015 branded items into his product line.

Working with the Vail Valley Foundation and the 2015 committee, Randy’s company, Kinderlift of Colorado is making two “official” items for kids with the 2015 logo on them.

kinderlift vail beaver creek 2015

Good looking Kinderlift vests ready for Vail 2015!

The first is the popular Kinderlift vest, which I reviewed two seasons ago. The vest is used by ski and ride schools across the world including Vail, Copper Mountain, and Portillo in Chile.

Parents can also buy the vest, which makes it easier to pull your child back onto a chairlift, as well as pick them up when they fall. Plus, they are awfully cute!

Better Living with Bags

The second official product is new: the Kinderkarry bag.

As you may recall, I am a huge fan of bags. I believe that everyone in every ski family needs their own bag to keep their gear organized. We keep our bags packed year round – and when it’s time to ski, we just grab and go.

kinderkarry bag

Photo courtesy Kinderlift.

The Kinderkarry bag is designed for little skiers who are too small to lug a heavy backpack. Actually, it’s really designed for their parents, who may already be lugging a heavy backpack.

Made of sturdy nylon, these distinctive lime green bags will hold a little ripper’s boots, helmet, jacket, mittens, extra socks, baselayers and more. Really, they’ll take just about anything you can stuff into them.

Plus, the bag also has straps on the outside to carry little skis.

I shared a bag with some product testers (i.e. moms and dads). To a person, they liked the overall design of the bag. They found the bag roomy enough to carry everything their child needed, and they also liked how they could carry the bag “hands free” with the shoulder strap.

As one dad put it, “The bag definitely made the trip from the car to the lodge easier because I could carry all of my son’s gear and skis along with my skis and poles.”

kinderkarry bag

KinderKarry Bag packed and ready to go!

For the most part, testers found the bag easy to use, although one family discovered that the straps lined up exactly with their son’s bindings. Solution? Compress the bag a little and move the straps to the inside of the bindings.

One parent raised the caution that you have to be aware of the skis’ position as you walk next to people and cars. If you just throw the strap over your shoulder and let the bag rest behind you, you’ll be wider than you expect.

This seems to me like good advice for all of us, of any age, carrying skis: Be aware and don’t smack anyone or anything.

Click here for more information on Kinderlift and Kinderkarry. Plus, as a thank you for reading this post and checking out Burkland’s products, take 20% off of your order with this code: KIND20.


kinderkarry bag

Win this bag!

I think that Kinderlift of Colorado makes great products, at a reasonable price. While 2015 Logo gear costs a bit more than their other product, it’s a fun way to celebrate ski racing in 2015 and make your family part of the action.

Randy Burkland has graciously offered a 2015 logo Kinderkarry bag as a giveaway today. To enter, please leave a comment.

For a second entry, “like” both Braveskimom and Kinderlift on Facebook.

One winner will be chosen randomly from all entries received on Thursday, March 13, 2014.

Good luck!

Thank you to Randy Burkland and Kinderlift of Colorado for this giveaway. To facilitate this post, I received one non-logo Kinderkarry bag which I shared among friends with small children. As always, all opinions are my own (or my testers) and are exactly what we would tell our families and friends.

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Teresa and Jill!





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  1. Heather says

    Thanks for the info! We plan to move to Colorado in the summer, would love a cool bag for my youngest son.

  2. says

    Nice! I love that green color! So easy to spot in the crowd. Put me on the list to win as anything to help carry my racer’s stuff would help :)

  3. HeidiHo says

    Wish these available when my college-aged kids were little! But I have some nieces and nephews (and their parents) who would benefit. Thanks!

    • says

      Yes, while we say these are for the kids, they’re really for the parents! But in 20 years, when the kids are grown, they’ll still appreciate having a cool World Cup 2015 bag!

  4. Demeri Mullikin says

    Finally moved to a duffel bag to carry all the gear but would love something that fits it all. Love the color!

  5. roberto says

    Always like their vest. Now a bag w/ our girls just about ready to haul their own gear, this would be a great. You mentioned placement of skies, i.e. horizontal as shown, wonder if the ability for ski’s to be placed vertically or at a diagonal. would prevent having ‘wings’ sort of speak when kids just throw the strap over your shoulder and let the bag rest behind them, but also allow for parental units to carry via handles it when in the horizontal position.

    p.s. had a wonderful time at aspen. thanks again for the suggestions. if you want to splurge the taste buds highly recommend cache cache (splitting entrees is very doable). it was yummilicious.

    • says

      The Kinderlift vests are great, yes? Good idea about ski strap placement. I’ll pass it on.

      So glad Aspen was fun! Will check out Cache Cache. Take care and enjoy the rest of the season!

  6. Misty says

    Great products, excited to order and a chance to win! We have new little skier and these sound like a great help!

  7. Dianne says

    Great idea for making that trip from the car to the lift faster! Thanks braveskimom!

  8. Ginger says

    This looks awesome! I struggle with carrying my ski gears, my sons, and him all at that same time – in fact I’d say it’s quite unsuccessful!

  9. Chris says

    Getting from the car to the slopes is my least favorite part of the ski day – this would help!

  10. Keara B. says

    What a wonderful giveaway! My toddler just started skiing this year, and it already astounds me the amount of stuff we have to lug around for her. This bag would be a huge help! And I love that you can strap the skis to the bag… ingenious. :)

    • says

      So glad you like the bag! It would be a great help! Even if you don’t win, use the KIND20 code and get one at a discount! You’ll be so happy that you did! Thanks!

  11. Valerie Ruedisueli says

    My grand daughter would love this. First year on skies. She’s so cute!

  12. says

    Hope this is open to Canadian BSM’s! Although my three are more than capable of carrying all their own gear and are travelling alone to CanAM races this month. I would love to give the bag to my sister who is just entering the Brave Ski Mom world with her 5 year old. Already liked you on fb and have done so for Kinderlift.

  13. says

    Great bag, need that little bit of extra convenience of carrying skis at the same time, cut down the extra trips moving gear, super idea! Support Vail Beaver Creek world ski championships in 2015!

  14. VTMama says

    Worth a shot! Just found you when looking for best kid mittens; our hands have been pretty cold in VT this winter on the slopes!
    Liked on FB too. :)