Skiing Snowmass With Teens

snowmass elk camp

  When your children are young it’s easy to find great family ski resorts. Most resorts offer extensive programs for 12-and-unders, including learn to ski and ride classes, day care, craft parties, game nights and so on. It’s different with teens. They are less likely to jump feet first into anything, although most of them are […]

Downhill Biking: Is Dirt the New Snow?

pump track bike snowmass

More and more ski resorts have added dedicated downhill biking trails to their summer offerings. It’s no surprise because downhill biking is surprisingly like skiing. It’s 70 degrees on a clear blue day and I’m sweating – a lot. Dressed in head-to-toe body armor, my family and I board the Elk Camp gondola at Snowmass […]

Summer in Snowmass

Photo Courtesy Jeremy Swanson, Snowmass Tourism.

It’s probably obvious by now that we, here at the home base of the Brave Ski Mom, spend a lot of time in the mountains. Winter, spring, summer and fall, you can find us at altitude. One of our perennial four-season favorites is….no surprise…Snowmass. Ten years ago this summer, my husband’s brothers and sisters joined […]

Why Our Family Loves to Ski at Snowmass, Colorado

The view from Elk Camp (or is it sasquatch camp?), Snowmass.

As you may know by now, we ski Snowmass many days each season. For a change of pace (and opinion), today I offer the perspective of Joy, a mom who took up skiing at the same time as her young daughter. On Monday, I’ve got an update on some of the mountain’s lesser-known charms and […]

Please Don’t Eat The Snow!


As a mom, the phrase “Don’t eat…..” has come out of my mouth more than I would like and care to remember. When my sons were younger, the “Don’t eat…” phrase was especially useful, as in “Don’t eat the bright red berries on that bush…they will kill you!” Or, my personal favorite: “Stop! Don’t pick […]