My Adventures In Ski Demo Land

Line Celebrity 100 Skis. Too much snow to see what they look like. But they ski really well.

I have never been a gear junkie. I like good gear and good performance — a good bike, comfy hiking boots and, of course, good skis. But I am not one to follow the latest trends or to study advances in ski technology. While I might like to, and while I do know from my […]

The Pineapple Express Diary, Part Two: Skiing Snowbird


We blew into Utah last week and ran headlong into the Pineapple Express. When warm, moist air from the Pacific runs headlong into the Rocky Mountains, the results can be spectacular…and wet. This is my Pineapple Express Diary. Pineapple Express Day Three began as such, with our son complaining: “I was under the impression we […]

Alta: Wild, Wonderful and Welcoming (Unless You’re A Snowboarder)


Alta. Four little letters. One mythic resort. Alta is one of the cradles of American skiing and a visit to Alta can be a bit like a trip back in time – in a good way. Founded in 1938 in an old mining town, Alta is not so much a ski resort as an active, living shrine to the days when visiting a ski resort was not about shopping, not about spas and not about socializing. It was about skiing. Alta was built by skiers for skiers, so when you come to Alta, come to ski, period.

Month-By-Month with the Brave Ski Mom: October Is A Great Month To…

2008 was a warm Halloween. Thus, a sweaty yeti.

October marks the beginning of ski season in Colorado, as Loveland and Arapahoe Basin duel it out to see who will make the most snow and get their lifts open first. Sometimes, mother nature helps a lot and other times, being fickle and unpredictable, she doesn’t. But fickle is the nature of October: freezing temps, followed by golden Indian summer days, followed by gray rain and snow, maybe a few more golden days, and of course, Halloween.

Snowbird, Utah: A Practically Perfect Day

The iconic Snowbird Tram

This is Snowbird. We haven’t been here in 15 years and when we tell a Ski Patroller on the tram this fact he looks at us wryly and says “What? You have a bad day?” We can’t believe we haven’t been here for so long either.