A Season of Skiing Firsts

Skiing at pico Vermont

You’d think that after 40+ years of skiing, it might be hard for me to come up with “firsts.” Not so, and this winter, the winter of 2013-1014, has seen an absolute bonanza of “firsts.” Good Firsts, Not Bad Now before I get too far along, I want to clarify that these are “good” firsts, […]

Why My Family Loves to Ski Crystal Mountain, Washington

brain hopper crystal mountain washington

A Brave Ski Mom Interview with Brian Hopper, a Brave Ski dad and a Crystal Mountain native son. If you could only ski at one resort this season with your family, which resort would you choose?  Well seeming that we usually only go to one or two resorts that is an easy choice. We live […]

Spring Break at Sierra-At-Tahoe, California

huckleberry canyon sierra at tahoe

Are you planning your spring break? Last year, my boys and I went to Lake Tahoe to ski Sierra-At-Tahoe and Squaw Valley. You can read about our visit to Squaw Valley here. This post is all about Sierra-At-Tahoe. Portions of it were originally published by Tahoe South, on April 5, 2013.  “What are you doing for […]

Fun Family Times at Utah’s Deer Valley Resort

deer valley ski school

Never underestimate the power of waiting thirty years. For thirty years, my husband has dreamed of skiing Deer Valley. His dream started when he was a boy in Connecticut, paging through an issue of SKI Magazine. “I read about this new resort being built in Utah. It sounded like the coolest place ever.” I’d never heard […]

Revelstoke Mountain Resort: For Families Who Live to Ski and More

deep snow extreme terrain revel stoke

When I told a Canadian friend that I was going to ski Revelstoke, she had a request for me. “If it’s family friendly, let me know.” It was a fair request and a good question. Revelstoke Mountain Resort has a hardcore reputation born of ski movies, photogenic extreme terrain and decades of world-class heli- and […]