Even When I Feel Like a Loser, It Turns Out I’m A Winner

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On October 10th, I was feeling sorry for myself. It was raining —again – a not uncommon experience in Colorado during the fall of 2013. My husband was in Aspen partying with friends from college, many of them my friends too, but since it was a “guy thing,” I was at home. My kids were […]

Turning Kids Loose: When, Where and How?

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When our oldest son was six, I lost him. He ducked into the trees while we were skiing and he didn’t come out. When he didn’t come out, I was torn. Should I leave his three year-old brother on the groomed slope and go into the trees to search for him? Should I stay with […]

Women’s Ski Jumping: A New Film Shares a Dream Worth Fighting For

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In 2010, many of the world’s best athletes gathered in British Columbia to compete in the Winter Olympics. The Olympic Games are meant to provide a venue for competition free of politics and prejudice. But at those games, and all previous winter games, one group of athletes was excluded because of nothing more than their […]

Here’s to Marge: Seventy-One Miles and Seventy-One Years Strong

Marge is the tall woman in the back row wearing a the fluorscent green vest. Photo courtesy Mindy Dare.

How will you celebrate your 71st birthday? Last week, my friend Marge Gunderson celebrated in style. She invited her friends to join her on a 71 mile road bike ride: Seventy-one years. Seventy-one miles. Last year, her birthday ride was 70 miles. Next year, it will be 72 miles and so on until she can’t […]