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On Wisdom, Age and Family

While I certainly don’t consider myself stupid or naïve, I would never say that I’m wise. Wisdom is something I associate with ancient Greek philosophers and cartoon owls. It’s such a high and unattainable attribute that I never really even … Continue reading

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Hard Truths About Skiing With Teens. And Some Good News, Too.

Hard Truth #1: No matter how intelligent, fit and talented you are, there is always someone more intelligent, fit and talented. Usually your teen. Hard Truth #2: No matter how well you ski, or snowboard, there is always someone who … Continue reading

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Risks, Rewards and Responsibility: The Three “R’s” of Skiing Safety

This post was originally published last season at Club Colorado, the Colorado Ski Country USA blog, as part of a series on skiing and riding safety.  In the past, when I’ve written about skiing and riding safety, I received some … Continue reading

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Why It’s Good to Be A 5th Grader

My sons, like most kids, are all about growing up. They want to be older, taller, able to do more things and go more places independently. Once they graduated grade school, they deemed it “the worst.” Middle school is something … Continue reading

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No Regret Parenting

When our oldest son turned 17 last month, my husband took the day off from work. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. He was present when each boy was each born and he’s been present for every birthday since … Continue reading

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