Risks, Rewards and Responsibility: The Three “R’s” of Skiing Safety

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This post was originally published last season at Club Colorado, the Colorado Ski Country USA blog, as part of a series on skiing and riding safety.  In the past, when I’ve written about skiing and riding safety, I received some comments that skiing with me might be “boring” or a “bummer.” I beg to differ. […]

Why I Love Being A (Brave Ski) Mom

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I hate August. I know I shouldn’t. In most parts of the world August is a month for holidays, for family gatherings and for long-standing summer traditions. When I was a teenager, I spent a summer in Italy. Come August, everyone went on holiday. Every shop, every laundry, every professional office: they all sported signs in […]

How A Ski Accident Changed Our Lives


Five years ago today a ski accident changed our lives. At the time, these changes were painful. Five years later, I realize they taught us lessons we needed to learn. The accident involved our oldest son, who was then 11, but we were all affected. As everything seemed to be falling apart, our younger son […]