On Wisdom, Age and Family

sophia greek wisdom

While I certainly don’t consider myself stupid or naïve, I would never say that I’m wise. Wisdom is something I associate with ancient Greek philosophers and cartoon owls. It’s such a high and unattainable attribute that I never really even think about it. That changed in mid-April, when I met a friend of a friend […]

Skiing Again: An Adaptive Skier’s Return to the Slopes

From the BSM: In December 2012, I reviewed Judy Johnson Berna’s book, Just One Foot. I didn’t realize it then, but Judy had been away from skiing for a few years.  This past season, she got back on snow. The challenge of skiing again surprised her. Here’s what she has to say about getting back out […]

Just One Gift? (Happy Holidays and Book Review)

judy berna and sons adaptive skiing at Park City Utah

If you could choose just one gift this holiday season — one gift for yourself — what would you choose? While a quick and easy answer might be new skis or boots or perhaps a season pass to everywhere, I think that most of us, if confronted by an all-powerful Santa, would choose more carefully. […]

Here’s to Marge: Seventy-One Miles and Seventy-One Years Strong

Marge is the tall woman in the back row wearing a the fluorscent green vest. Photo courtesy Mindy Dare.

How will you celebrate your 71st birthday? Last week, my friend Marge Gunderson celebrated in style. She invited her friends to join her on a 71 mile road bike ride: Seventy-one years. Seventy-one miles. Last year, her birthday ride was 70 miles. Next year, it will be 72 miles and so on until she can’t […]

How To Start A Blog In Ten Easy Steps


Today marks the one year anniversary of The Brave Ski Mom blog. In honor of this momentous occasion (at least it’s momentous for me), here’s my 10-step process for how to start a blog. 1. Have an idea. Try to get someone else to do it, specifically your kids. They won’t. 2. Still have the […]