Get a Grip on Driving at Bridgestone Winter Driving School

bridgestone winter driving school

When it comes to winter driving, you gotta get a grip. Not necessarily a “grip,” as in getting your act together, although that helps too. But truly, a grip on the road, a grip on the wheel and a grip on how your vehicle works. For years, my winter driving strategy has been: stay home, […]

Refreshed, Recharged and Revamped: Hello to the NEW BSM!

braveskimom masthead

Four years ago this week, my oldest son, then 14, was being snarky. “Remember that blog you always said you’d start?” he asked. “Well, I knew you’d never do it.” Here’s how I reacted. Did I stand up for myself? No. Did I get angry? No. Was I hurt by his words? A little. But […]

On Wisdom, Age and Family

sophia greek wisdom

While I certainly don’t consider myself stupid or naïve, I would never say that I’m wise. Wisdom is something I associate with ancient Greek philosophers and cartoon owls. It’s such a high and unattainable attribute that I never really even think about it. That changed in mid-April, when I met a friend of a friend […]

Biathlon: The Yin and Yang of Winter Sports

brit cogan shooting

At first, I thought I might shoot my foot off. Three friends and I had signed up for a short biathlon clinic at Tamarack Lodge in Mammoth, California. Each March, Mammoth is the site of the largest biathlon competition in the United States. It’s a race where novices and Olympians rub shoulders, before they are […]

At Québec’s Le Massif, We Can All Be Lugers

luge le massif de Charlevoix

When it comes to crazy winter sports, the “sliding disciplines” have to be among the craziest. Bobsled, luge and skeleton: the names alone can give you pause, let alone the speeds these athletes reach while careening down a solid ice course. Exhilarating? For sure. Crazy? Even more. Especially if you’re a novice. So it wasn’t […]