The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting in Shape for Skiing


Procrastinate much? Yeah. Me, too. Ski season is here and I haven’t really done any focused physical preparation. If you’re like me, and the season has snuck up on you, here’s a workout to help get you in shape, whether you’ve got two weeks ’til you hit the slopes, or two days. And you don’t have to stop […]

No Pain, All Gain: Workout Clothes from Tommie Copper

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This spring, I’m working out in some cute and flattering compression wear from Tommie Copper, a performance clothing company for women and men. Thanks to Tommie Copper’s copper infused fabric, I’ve been feeling better, and looking better, than ever. Workout Clothes that Ease the Pain If you’ve seen golfers wearing copper bracelets for pain relief, you may know that […]

Skiing During Pregnancy? Yes or No?

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Dear Brave Ski Mom,  I am expecting my first child and I recently shifted from downhill to telemark skiing. I would really love to spend time this winter tele’ing on the blues. Can I ski during pregnancy? How do I make this decision? Sincerely, H in Colorado Dear H, As you’ve probably gathered most doctors and […]

Skiing Again: An Adaptive Skier’s Return to the Slopes

From the BSM: In December 2012, I reviewed Judy Johnson Berna’s book, Just One Foot. I didn’t realize it then, but Judy had been away from skiing for a few years.  This past season, she got back on snow. The challenge of skiing again surprised her. Here’s what she has to say about getting back out […]

Wintertime Skin Care Tips

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In addition to being the month when skiing starts in earnest in North America, November is also National Healthy Skin Month. As skiers and riders, we spend a lot of time outdoors in winter. While some people worry about sunburn during summer, we have to think about windburn, cold exposure and sun all winter long. […]