Six Spectacular Ways to Get Outdoors in Mesa County, Colorado

Powderhorn Mountain Resort is justly famous for powder.

Grand Junction, Colorado is one of those places that many people have heard of, thousands have passed by on I-70 and few have ever visited. I am a ski writer and recently I met one of my peers: a talented, very funny man from San Francisco. When he asked me where I live, I proudly […]

Knickers, Walnuts and An Old-Time Bike Race in Western Colorado


Chris Brown is admittedly fascinated by history. He is also fascinated by bikes. The owner of Brown’s Cycles in Grand Junction, Colorado, Chris has collected antique bikes, cycling memorabilia and local biking history for many years. “It’s a disease,” he told me. “I am fascinated by history. When I walk down Main Street, I think […]

Ski Area Wind Turbines? Another Way to Be Green


At some point, as a skier or rider, it dawns on you that skiing and snowboarding are not necessarily without environmental impact. Although we are outside enjoying the fresh air, the gorgeous scenery and moving downhill under our own power (albeit, with a gravity assist) getting uphill is a different matter. When it comes to […]

Celebrating the “Free Heel Life” at Powderhorn Resort


I was standing next to a blue balloon and feeling nervous. Not a bad nervous, but the kind of nervous one feels after raising one’s hand to answer in the affirmative the following question: “Who feels like learning how to ski bumps on their tele skis?” I was nervous because while of course I feel […]

How Do I Tell if My Kid’s Ski Boots Fit? And, More Importantly, How Do I Keep My Kid’s Feet Warm?


In my opinion, boots are the most important part of your kid’s gear. Bad boots=more difficult skiing=unhappy kid. You want to ski as one big happy family? Everybody’s boots had better fit and everybody’s feet had better be warm (or at least close to warm).