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I’m Not a Super Cyclist, But I Still Enjoy Spinning My Wheels

I’m a cyclist, but not a very good one. I’m a pretty strong rider, but not a very consistent one. Last summer, when I told friends that I’m training for the Venus de Miles Century, some looked at me as … Continue reading

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On Wisdom, Age and Family

While I certainly don’t consider myself stupid or naïve, I would never say that I’m wise. Wisdom is something I associate with ancient Greek philosophers and cartoon owls. It’s such a high and unattainable attribute that I never really even … Continue reading

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How I Found the Courage to Speak Up and Ski Better: A Guest Essay from a BSM

In April, I received an email from a reader named Cora Helm in response to my post on burn out.  In her email Cora mentioned that as a relatively new skier, she often finds herself alone, unwilling to hold other, better skiers … Continue reading

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Even When I Feel Like a Loser, It Turns Out I’m A Winner

On October 10th, I was feeling sorry for myself. It was raining —again – a not uncommon experience in Colorado during the fall of 2013. My husband was in Aspen partying with friends from college, many of them my friends … Continue reading

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Help Kids Play Sports and Get In the Game

I didn’t have a post planned for today. But then this week, a friend called. “Hey, I’m doing something crazy — again,” he told me. “Can you help spread the word?” But, of course. I love crazy people. From the … Continue reading

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