Five Reasons to Look Forward to the Coming Ski Season

jupiter bowl copper mountain colorado

If you’re like me, you probably already have a very long list of reasons why you’re looking forward to ski season. Or maybe your list is super short, starting with “skiing” and ending with “skiing” (or riding). In any case, my family and I were having dinner recently and we created a list of five […]

Go. Play. The Forests Are Calling.

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Just over 100 years ago, in March 1915 to be exact, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Term Occupancy Act, a law that would eventually shape how and where we ski in the United States. Also known as the Occupancy Permits Act of 1915, the law provided a permitting process for summer homes and recreational resorts […]

Why My Family Loves to Ski Treble Cone, New Zealand

Treble cone new zealand

A interview with Jessica Podzebenko, a mom and native New Zealander now living in Australia. Why Treble Cone? For me, it’s my happy place where history, location and serious skiing collide. I have been coming to Treble Cone since my University days in Christchurch (South Island, NZ). We are lucky that my parents now […]

An Unofficial, Totally Random List of the Best Bump Runs in North America

bumps mary jane ski

Last week, I posted a totally random, unofficial and completely non-scientific list of North America’s favorite groomed runs, as determined from responses on social media. Today, I’m excited to unveil the Bumps portion of our poll. If You’re Thinking Bumps, You’re Thinking Colorado  At first, I thought something must be wrong. Almost every response we got from queries […]

Successful Skiing with Your Spouse or Partner

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A guest post from Brave Ski Dad, James Lummis. My wife is my main skiing partner. Lifelong skiers, we met in college and have skied together long enough to raise two teenage skiers. We are very fortunate to enjoy such a great sport together. Participating in sports with a spouse, partner or girl/boyfriend can be […]