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Even When I Feel Like a Loser, It Turns Out I’m A Winner

On October 10th, I was feeling sorry for myself. It was raining —again – a not uncommon experience in Colorado during the fall of 2013. My husband was in Aspen partying with friends from college, many of them my friends … Continue reading

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Honoring Jack Pinto and Getting More Kids In the Game

All kids are born to play. Some just don’t have the opportunity. And that’s not right. Remembering Jack Pinto Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  An unspeakable tragedy, it’s … Continue reading

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Our Family Tradition: The Grand Canyon In Autumn

As shocking as it may sound, our family’s favorite outdoor tradition has nothing, but nothing, to do with skiing. Instead, it has a lot to do with hiking and backpacking and spending time together, bonded and awed by the majesty … Continue reading

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No Regret Parenting

When our oldest son turned 17 last month, my husband took the day off from work. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. He was present when each boy was each born and he’s been present for every birthday since … Continue reading

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When Your Kids Don’t Share Your Passion

One of my friends has a problem. Her daughter refuses to ski. She also refuses to snowboard. She tried both sports when she was younger, but now at 15, she’s independent, stubborn and too young to leave at home alone … Continue reading

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