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Ski Pioneer: Backcountry “Fun” at One of Colorado’s Lost Ski Areas

A Bit Of Skiing History In 1939, Colorado’s first overhead chairlift was installed at Pioneer Ski Area. The chairlift was constructed from an old mining tram and held 30 single chairs made from ore bucket harnesses along 6100 feet of … Continue reading

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Why We ALL Love Skiing At Crested Butte, Colorado

Sometimes you just hear the same thing over and over and over again. And when you do, you kind of have to pay attention. Over the last month, I have been asking (begging? nagging?) friends, acquaintances and perfect strangers for their opinions about their favorite places for family skiing. As the answers rolled in, one resort name kept coming up. You guessed it: Crested Butte. Continue reading

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To Race or Not To Race? That’s a Good Question!

At some point, you, as a ski mom or dad, may be asking this question: should we put our child or children in a recreational racing program. It seems like a pretty simple question – as a society we foster competition in most other endeavors, so why not in skiing? Continue reading

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20 Years (Mostly) Without Irony

As we have counted down (up?) to the twenty-year mark, my husband has enjoyed telling pretty much everyone a story about our honeymoon. He usually begins it like this “We went to Crested Butte to go mountain biking for our honeymoon and I didn’t know until 17 years later that my wife thought I was trying to kill her.” Continue reading

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