On Ski Injuries and Magical Thinking

ski accident lake louise

For the first week I indulged in magical thinking. I would lie in my bed in the morning and if I was pain-free, wrapped warm and cozy in a narcotic haze, I’d think about skiing. I’d picture myself jumping out of bed, stretching my arms skyward. Then I’d see myself buckling my boots and clicking […]

Bravery 101: Chairlift Safety for Parents and Kids

chairlift safety

Let me start by saying that in all my years skiing with my children (and we’re coming up on 15 years of snowy fun and togetherness), my kids never fell off a chairlift. Yes, there were plenty of times when I was scared: The first lift ride with an instructor (silly me, there’s no one […]

How I Found the Courage to Speak Up and Ski Better: A Guest Essay from a BSM

cora helms

In April, I received an email from a reader named Cora Helm in response to my post on burn out.  In her email Cora mentioned that as a relatively new skier, she often finds herself alone, unwilling to hold other, better skiers back. Reflecting on her last ski day of this past season, she wrote this essay and shared […]

Honoring Jack Pinto and Getting More Kids In the Game

honor jack pinto kids in the game

All kids are born to play. Some just don’t have the opportunity. And that’s not right. Remembering Jack Pinto Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  An unspeakable tragedy, it’s also nearly unfathomable that its been one year. Jack Pinto was one of the shooting […]

Adventures of a 42 Year-Old Rookie Ski Instructor

dave belin ski instructor eldora

Today’s post comes from Brave Ski Dad Dave Belin. Dave not only skis with his family, but also is an instructor at Eldora Mountain Resort (and helped me with a post about Eldora!).  Portions of this post were originally published at The Boulder Weekly.  Thanks Dave! Adventures of a 42 Year-Old Rookie Ski Instructor It […]