Refreshed, Recharged and Revamped: Hello to the NEW BSM!

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Four years ago this week, my oldest son, then 14, was being snarky. “Remember that blog you always said you’d start?” he asked. “Well, I knew you’d never do it.” Here’s how I reacted. Did I stand up for myself? No. Did I get angry? No. Was I hurt by his words? A little. But […]

How To Start A Blog In Ten Easy Steps


Today marks the one year anniversary of The Brave Ski Mom blog. In honor of this momentous occasion (at least it’s momentous for me), here’s my 10-step process for how to start a blog. 1. Have an idea. Try to get someone else to do it, specifically your kids. They won’t. 2. Still have the […]

Kept Woman


My friend L. and I have a lot in common. We are both stay at home moms. We are both intelligent woman with Bachelors Degrees from fine liberal arts colleges and Masters degrees from outstanding universities…and today, we are both trying to figure out how to make ourselves employable (on a part-time basis, because we still need time for our families and to ski!) in an economy which doesn’t necessarily value articulate generalists.

Timing Is Everything…


Or, maybe it isn’t. I started writing this blog in late March 2009, the tail end of ski season (okay, not for you back country types, but for the rest of us.) The snow was getting soft, the sun warm and the mountain bikes were coming out of hibernation. Skiers were thinking hanging up their gear for the season and I was starting a ski blog. Good timing? I thought it was. We had been buffeted by a series of late season storms – huge powder-producing storms that turned back upon themselves and dropped inch upon inch of powder in our mountains. My family and I were certainly still thinking about skiing. And I wanted to write about skiing.