Ski Fashion 2011 Giveaway: Introducing FOSI Helmet Bands

Back a few weeks, after six months of blogging at The Brave Ski Mom, I hit a milestone: 10,000 views. Now, I am sure that there are plenty of bloggers who get well over 10,000 views per day, but I am still quite happy to have hit this number and moved beyond it.


Interestingly, one of the most popular posts I’ve written is The Fashionista of the Piste-a. This post on Ski Fashion 2011 was really fun to write and I am completely gratified that it continues to get so many hits.


One of the comments the “Fashionista” post received was from a company in the UK called FOSI Originals. This company makes faux-fur skiing accessories, most notably, a fur band which fits around a ski helmet and turns the helmet from utilitarian to stylish. The comment I received from FOSI was great.

To wit, “check this out for a new ski fashion item…. we invented it to get more mums to wear ski helmets…………. it really works, and now we don’t have to look ugly in a helmet!  We are looking for outlets in the states but you can order them online from anywhere in the world, if you can help us get the word out we may save a few lives!”

Helmets Are Good

As I am a huge proponent of helmet wearing, both for skiing and for biking, I thought to myself, of course I will help! If a FOSI helmet band will make a woman more likely to wear a helmet, then I am all over it.

I am convinced that my helmet has saved me from being concussed numerous times, most recently this February when I took a big, fast fall onto my face while skiing a glade at Snowmass. No helmet. No fun. With helmet? Well, it wasn’t fun and it rocked my world for a few minutes, but the fall did me no lasting harm.

While I always wear a helmet, I know there are ladies out there (and men, too) who don’t. I can only guess why not: too expensive, don’t ski enough to warrant the purchase, helmets are ugly. With regard to the first two excuses, rent a helmet if you only go out a few days a year. With regard to the third excuse: get a FOSI. You can win one here today.

What is a FOSI?

FOSI is an acronym that stands for Fun, Originality, Style and Innovation. I agree. Their products are fun, original, stylish and innovative. FOSI was kind enough to send me a helmet band in their Marmot fur to try.

Photo courtesy FOSI Originals.

When it arrived, I put it on my helmet and immediately thought I looked ready to ski at Zermatt or San Moritz. Suddenly, I was glamourous! For the most part the FOSI covered up most of my helmet. If I were skiing, instead of standing still, someone would have to look twice to see that I had a helmet, and not a hat, on. Cool!

A friend modeling Marmot in Colorado

I don’t know much about faux fur, but the faux Marmot fur of my FOSI seems to me to be of high quality. It feels good, and doesn’t shed. More importantly, it looks good. Backing the fur is a non-slip cloth that holds the FOSI firm on my helmet. The FOSI is attached through the rear goggle fastener on my helmet, which is the one aspect of the design which gave me pause. I am a goggle wearer. How would I wear both a FOSI and my goggles?

There are a couple of ways to answer this question. The first being, wear sunglasses like the models on the FOSI website. Okay, that works and only adds to the glam-factor. The second, which was more appropriate for me, is put the goggle headband through the goggle fastener, pull the goggles over the front of the helmet and attach the FOSI. You can have it all!

Athlete, Snow Bunny or Both?

Like any fashion accessory, the FOSI is not for everyone. Some of my friends love it and want one for themselves. Others look at me as if I am dressed for Halloween instead of a day of skiing. Frankly, I think the FOSI is an accessory that requires discretion. Just as I wouldn’t wear a formal dress to the local diner, I don’t necessarily wear the FOSI to my local mountain (but I will still wear my helmet).

I save the FOSI for the big mountains with the glamourous clientele where the sun always shines, I can wear big shades and look stylish on the hill and at apres ski. And, while I don’t know if I’ll ever get to ski San Moritz, I hope to someday. Until then, Colorado Mountain Girl meets European Glamour. I can do that with my FOSI.

Win a FOSI….

In celebration of getting to 10,000 views and well beyond, the Brave Ski Mom and FOSI are giving away a new Marmot helmet band to a reader. To enter, simply leave a comment with your name before 6:00 p.m. (MST) Sunday, March 13, 2011. (And if the comment is just your name that’s okay! They won’t be published.)

A winner will be chosen by random drawing and the FOSI helmet band will soon be on its way — hopefully in time for your Spring Skiing!

Even if you don’t win the Marmot helmet band, you can purchase a FOSI online. FOSI ships internationally. Also online you can see the entire line of FOSI products including scarves, cuffs, boot warmers and snoods (I had to look that one up). There are many fur choices: Wolf, Arctic Fox, Chinchilla, Marmot, and Lynx (as well as some brightly dyed fur). Check them out and see what goes with your Ski Fashion.

Good luck and enjoy!

Congratulations to Dara, winner of the Marmot FOSI!

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    We put helmets on our kids as soon as they started skiing. Unfortunately, we didn’t get our own helmets til this ski season. I wish we’d done it years ago! Keeps my head warm and I’ve got my iPod headphones installed. Skiing to music makes me feel like a kid again! I don’t think my helmet is ugly – I actually feel like an athlete when I wear it. But a way to spiff it up, other than stickers – that’d be great!