No More Ugly Helmets? (Helmet Huggers Giveaway)

The Ryneveld sisters and their Helmet Huggers on the slopes of Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Helmet Huggers are made in the USA and are animal-friendly.

Do you wear a helmet? I do.

Here’s why:

  1. To protect my head.
  2. To keep my head warm.
  3. To set a good example for my kids.
  4. Because once I started wearing a helmet, I can’t imagine going back to a hat.

I think ski helmets are quite comfortable and I really like mine. I don’t find it particularly stylish and it certainly isn’t alluring, but as a functional piece of ski equipment, I’m satisfied.

Now, here are some of the reasons I’ve heard for not wearing helmets.

  1. Helmets are uncomfortable.
  2. Helmets are hot.
  3. Helmets don’t protect against concussion.
  4. Helmets are ugly.

“Helmet Lipstick”

You know what’s especially cool about this logo? The founders’ son and younger brother created the design!

If you’ve tried a helmet and found it uncomfortable (see excuses number 1 and 2), I can’t really help you, other than to suggest you try a different helmet.

But if you’ve resisted wearing a helmet because you think they are ugly, Helmet Huggers may be just what you need.

The brainchild (sorry) of the mom/daughter team of Melanie Stern, Stephanie Ryneveld and Natalie Ryneveld, the idea for Helmet Huggers came from a conversation Melanie had with her son. As she admired his devil horned helmet cover, he said “Mom, why don’t you get a helmet cover too?”

Melanie, Stephanie and Natalie did him one better. After searching in vain for covers and talking without result to major ski clothing manufacturers, they created a line of covers that combine spandex fabric in a wide variety of colors and patterns with faux fur.

Stephanie calls the covers “helmet lipstick” – the last thing you put on to finish of your ski outfit. Some of the words they use to describe Helmet Huggers are “elegant”, “glamour,” and “fashion.”  They even suggest that wearing a Helmet Hugger can turn you from “boring ski bum to sexy ski bunny!”

Helmet Huggers Tested…By Me

I have to admit that I am rarely elegant, glamorous or fashionable, but I was willing to give Helmet Huggers a try. Stephanie and Melanie sent me three covers to review:

Based on these covers, here’s what I think:

  •  Overall, the covers look good – just like on the website. The spandex is lightweight but sturdy, and the fur is not overwhelming – an appropriate accent.
  • The covers adjust via a bungee cord around the outside edge. This was easy to use and tightened quite effectively around my helmet. (FYI, these covers fit bike helmets, too!)
  • One of the things I really liked when I saw these covers online is that wearers can still use their helmet’s goggle clip and secure their goggles. Or, so I thought. I have two helmets. One has a helmet clip that opens downward and one has a nylon loop that snaps. Helmet Huggers have a small opening at the back right above the fur brim for goggle clips. Be aware: it only works if your goggle clip opens upward.
  • Once the cover was on my helmet, the fur looked great on the Lady Morgan and Les Violettes. These furs are rough and variegated. The Delirium Drive cover had a more uniform fur that parted along the edge of my helmet. I personally don’t like this look. (Apparently brushing this fur will help get ride of the “line.”)

The upshot: If you’re looking for a way to dress up your helmet and you like the faux fur look, definitely check out Helmet Huggers. They’re well-made and entirely functional if your goggle clip opens upward. With fabrics ranging from solids to plaids, from snake-skin to psychedelic, you can definitely find something you’ll love. Just be careful which fur you choose. I think the more texture, the better.


Helmet Huggers has graciously donated a helmet cover to one lucky reader of The Brave Ski Mom. Leave a comment to enter this giveaway. If your name is chosen in a random drawing on Tuesday, November 13th, you’ll win the cover of your choice!

And if you don’t win, Helmet Huggers will offer you 15% off if you sign up for their newsletter. Go to their site and at the bottom of the page sign up for sales alerts! 

Good luck!

To facilitate this post, I reviewed three Helmet Huggers covers. I wore one and returned the other two (just call me Lady Morgan). As always, all opinions are my own and are exactly what I would tell my family and friends.

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Deanna!




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    • says

      Helmets are cool. These covers are unique because they cover your entire helmet, so you can get a totally new look. Check out their website for some edgie new fabrics, too! And, you can even use them on your bike helmet for winter biking (helps keep the heat in!). Good luck.

    • says

      You are so right! A Broncos cover would be outstanding (especially when they’re winning!). Do you want fur on it? Or just the helmet graphics? Cheers!

    • says

      I’m with you Amelia. I usually spice up my helmet with stickers! Still, when you’re feeling kind of glamourous, why not sport some fur? Cheers!

  1. clark says

    My wife would get a kick out of this. She hates how helmets look, so this would be up her ally. She wears helmets to set a good example for our son (and after a hard fall years ago). This is stylish, but it can be confused for NOT wearing a helmet, thus having a big head, no?

  2. says

    Thanks for all the support everyone! Please check out our website and let us know which ones you like…more will be up by the end of the week (crossing fingers that we’ll have power and internet to put them up!)

  3. Alanna says

    These are wicked neat. My husband has been a ski patroler for 3 years now and he is constantly telling me how many people he sees end up in the hospital because they did not wear a helmet. Such a great idea and so cute.

  4. says

    Just wanted to add that even if your goggle clip faces downward you can still put your goggles over your helmet hugger! The helmet I recently bought has a downward facing clip and I just chose to not use it. My goggles (and helmet hugger) stayed securely on my helmet and face while skiing :)

  5. says

    Love them! I had assumed it would be helmet covers for kids, which I love, but finally cool helmet covers for grown ups!! Great, great idea! Love them!