New School Year’s Resolutions (Eucerin Giveaway)

I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve heard other people say they don’t like them because they know they won’t keep them. That’s not my problem. I don’t make them because as far as I’m concerned the New Year doesn’t begin on January 1st, it begins on the first day of school.

The “Real” New Year

Each year, when the kids head back to school, I make a lot of resolutions. I usually don’t call them resolutions or write them down. Instead as summer turns to fall and the first days of school creep closer, I notice all the things I’ve left undone. I open a closet and realize that it needs to be cleaned. I notice accumulated clutter, the uncared for appearance of my car, the online scrapbook that is only half done and the list of projects I need to tackle (which this year includes the unwaxed skis hanging in the garage). I resolve to do these things when the boys go back to school.

“Independence Day”? I Think Not

When I was a child, one of my mom’s friends called the first day of school “Independence day.” I’ve never felt that way. First of all, I find the long days of summer and the freedom that comes with no set schedule liberating. Having my sons at home is the perfect excuse to blow off all but the most essential responsibilities.

So rather than feeling emancipated as my sons go off to start a new grade, I feel indentured. Suddenly I have carpools, meetings, appointments and reams of papers to read and forms to fill out — and these are just the tasks related to having two students in the home.

My own list of deferred responsibilities feels endless and I want to run away.

National Skin Care Awareness Month

In addition to the beginning of the school year, September is National Skin Care Awareness Month. Now, lest you think I am going to stress myself out even more with resolutions to take better care of my skin and my health, I am not. Instead, when I was researching skin care tips (on nothing less than the Mayo Clinic website), I came across the following:

  1. Protect yourself from the sun (whew! that one I’ve got down).
  2. Don’t smoke (never have, that’s a bonus!)
  3. Treat your skin gently (avoid super hot water,  strong soaps, and don’t forget to use moisturizer — the goal is to maintain moisture in your skin)
  4. Eat a healthy diet (Yum!)
  5. Manage stress (Bingo!)

So this school year, in honor of my skin (and family harmony), I resolve to be a more calm, more relaxed and less stressed mom. Not only that, but I’m hoping for luminous, healthy skin.


Eucerin Giveaway….

In honor of National Skin Care Awareness Month, Eucerin is offering a “Relaxation Package” for September. Here’s what you can win:

Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials Fast Absorbing Body Lotion: This lotion immediately makes my skin feel like I’ve given it a long drink. It contains buffered alpha hydroxyl to smooth and exfoliate your skin, but be aware, alpha hydroxyl can also increase your susceptibility to sunburn. This is definitely a lotion for the cooler months of the year.

Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Hand Crème: Thick and smooth, this lotion immediately pumps up the skin on my hands with moisture. This hand creme also contains alpha hydroxyl, so take extra precautions in the sun.

And for your personal relaxation, the prize pack contains a soothing TheraPearl eyemask; a eucalyptus and peppermint aromatherapy candle; a cotton terry bath pillow; and a mini massager. Just thinking about this makes me feel more relaxed (and luminous!).

To enter, leave a comment with your tips for managing stress and maintaining healthy skin as you transition into fall. One winner will be randomly drawn from all comments received by 8:00 a.m. Thursday, September 15th.

For an extra entry, please copy your comment onto the Eucerin Facebook page and tag The Brave Ski Mom Blog. While you’re there, take the Skin First pledge and sign up for a free sample of lotion. Or, like The Brave Ski Mom Blog on Facebook and let me know you like me!

I am very happy to be working with Eucerin as part of their Skin First Blogger Network. As part of this effort, Eucerin provides me with skin care information, as well as skin care and wellness products. They also provide giveaways to my readers. This month, I will receive the same prize pack as the giveaway winner. Occasionally, Eucerin offers prizes for creative blogs and for completing a series of goals.

All opinions expressed in this post are my own and reflect exactly what I would tell my friends and family.

This Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Trish for winning this month’s Eucerin prize pack!


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  1. NJMK3 says

    The “time out” app is my new favorite stress reducer, especially for folks who spend a lot of the day writing at a computer (and worrying — but not stressing! — about deadlines). And a daily peach, for as long as peach season lasts, has to provide health benefits for skin as well as taste buds.

    • says

      I must check out the “time out” app — sounds tailor made for me (and you!). And, yes, peaches, glorious peaches….Love this time of year in Colorado!

  2. says

    My skin would love you if I had some of this. This is such good timing for this since I always notice that the changing seasons are so hard on my skin!

    • braveskimom says

      The changing seasons are difficult on skin. In Colorado, I’m pretty sure it’s because the air gets even drier (hard to believe it could be drier, but I think it is). Good luck!

  3. Linda Williams says

    When I need to de-stress, I go for a run. I always feel better afterwards. As far as skin care, I use moisturizer every day, and the one I use for my face has SPF 15.

  4. Marianne says

    A power nap (20 minutes or less, for me) can do wonders for a stressful day. When that’s not feasible, I find a little laughter can go a long way–maybe a quick youtube video, or looking at a picture of a funny memory with friends.
    As for skin care: NOT showering every day–keeps those natural oils in balance!

  5. says

    This year I’ve decided that I want to run my first 5K. It’s in November, so I have plenty of time to train and get healthy before the big race. Now I’ll have healthier skin and the healthiest skin if I win just in time for the holidays. :-)

  6. says

    Great post. You can always tell how stressed I am by the condition of my skin! I have to say that my skin loved my most recent vacation–after a week of relaxing, sleeping in, hiking, and swimming, my skin was glowing!

  7. diane sheridan says

    I would love to have some to try, I have requested samples when you have had it on the freebie board, of your cream numerous times and have never gotten a sample. Hope this is a new way of requesting and I finally get some to try.

  8. Anne Leth says

    I am also training for a couple of runs in the spring. I have found that as I excersize more, my skin is getting more and more healthy. I love it!!

  9. Denise says

    I take a break and read a magazine. I get lost in the pages and soon forget about the things that are stressing me out.

  10. Jennifer Myers says

    I have psoriasis and a good skin care routine is absolutely esstential. I make sure I get plenty of water, diligently apply sunblock (side benefit: faded freckles!), getting my vitamins and minerals as naturely as possible, and exfoliate a couple times a week. It’s all part of my beauty “ritual.”

  11. says

    My skin does well during the summer and fall months, but when winter comes, that is when not only my skin, but my son’s skin as well., takes a turn for the worse. We combat the drying effects of indoor heat by having a bottle of good moisturizer in every room in the house and by every sink. As our hands seem to get the worse of it, we also wear cotton gloves to bed after a final layer of moisturizer to help condition and soothe our skin overnight.

  12. Amy says

    To relieve stress, dance. Even if it’s just for a few moments at home alone, I find that just abandoning myself to the music for a few minutes helps me let go. And living in Maine where the weather turns literally minute to minute, drinking lots of water, moisturizing at least once a day (winter hands get more moisturizer) and lip balm are absolute musts!

  13. Jenny says

    As a mom of two VERY young boys, I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the demands. In moments like these, I take some “Mommy-Time.” I have my oldest (2) go play in his room or “read” his books and put the baby (11 mo) in the playpen. I go to my bedroom, lay on my bed, close my eyes and re-group. About 10 minutes later, I’m ready to start agin!
    For skin care, I say moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Also, although I just began exercizing last week, but I feel that my skin already looks healthier.

  14. Sonia says

    I want to stick to a low-carb diet lose 30-60 lbs. Hopefully that will make it easier to conceive a brother or sister for my little girl. I also would like to get every finger on my hand clear of brokenness and bleeding at the same time. I haven’t had totally smooth hands for 9 years now. Please let me try out this cream. Thank you!

  15. says

    Now that summer should be turning to fall, here in Texas we still have 100% weather. My way of controlling stress is to take time for myself. Warm bath, always moisturizing afterwards ( again before dressing in the morning) just browsing Facebook, or a good book on my iPad . Life is to short to let the hum drum of daily life stress you out.

  16. debbie johnson says

    I have been cooped up in my house for two years. ( seven surgeries ) I need all the stress-free tips I can get. Help!!

  17. Marilyn says

    to help my skin AND relieve stress, I like to take a moisturizing bubblebath. I’m like a new person afterward. :)

  18. rhonda hagy-miller says

    When the cool weather approaches we in the south rejoice! It lasts such a short time for us. All the same we have to bare in mind that our skin routine changes. The only thing that doesnt change is applying Eucerin daily. With all the things that must change and cause stress, it is so nice to have something that never changes..:)

  19. Elizabeth F says

    Here in the desert, I think summer is harder on my skin than winter. Lots of moisturizing and showering after swimming helps a lot. To destress, I escape with a book for a few minutes. Or, hop on the treadmill and watch something on Netflix that no one wants to see except for me :)

  20. bunnie lockhart says

    i have been a faithful user of eucerin for some time at the recommendation of my tattoo artist. makes my skin feel great and tats look like new ink longer.

  21. Donna says

    To manage stress, I try to take the time to do some deep breathing. With less stress, my skin looks better. This time of year, I make sure to exfoliate my skin so all of my skin care products will work more efficiently.

  22. Adele says

    When I feel stressed, I take out my kindle and get lost in one of my books. Reading a great story does wonders for stress. As the weather gets cooler, I switch my skin care routine to more nourishing, creamy moisturizers.

  23. Maralea says

    I find working out helps me to relieve stress!! I use lots of moisturizer in the cooler weather to keep my skin well nourished!

  24. Cheryl mclaren says

    a walk is the best relaxing activity for me I drink plenty of fluids as I walk enjoying the falling leaves the colors I use lotion for extra protction from wind and sun would love to try Eucirin ThanksEucirin Thank you The Brave Ski Mom

  25. Deb Z says

    I like to listen to music or watch t.v and eat popcorn. For healthy skin in the Florida sun, I wear sunscreen every day, especially on the face, neck, chest and arms. I had skin cancer when I was 24 and I’m thankful I was given the chance to learn from my mistakes!

  26. Lisa N. says

    I manage stress by exercizing. I do a walk/run for one mile downtown and back to destress my body most days. To take care of my skin I use sun block, yes even in the early fall! and I make sure to moisturize right after a shower to take care of my skin.

  27. PAMELA says

    I like to relax by sleeping as much as I can beauty sleep is the second best medicine against Eucerin!

  28. Rondah says

    I exercise, stay hydrated and take care of my skin by exfoliating and moisturizing
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  29. Helen says

    As I transition in to Autumn, I include a facial moisturizer with an SPF. I manage stress by going for a walk in my neighborhood in the evening prior to bed.