Mittens for Skiing Kids: Reviews and Recommendations (Today, Hestra)

Hestra junior mittens Sweden.

Photo courtesy Hestra USA. Photographer: Mattias

braveskimom logoI love mittens! When it comes to keeping my hands warm while skiing, they’re my first choice. They’re my first choice for children, too.

This week, I’ve got a round-up review of mittens and gloves (see, I’m open-minded) from four companies. Hestra and Swany are big names in performance gloves and tend to be the go-to companies for serious skiers. I’m writing about Hestra today and Swany tomorrow.

Wednesday, I’ve got reviews for mittens from a European company, Molo. Thursday brings reviews for Snowstoppers and Mittenhugs.

Best of all, since I can’t use all these mittens, and neither can our boys, I’m giving away many of the review samples! There will be a giveaway each day. All samples are brand new and guaranteed to make your child’s hands happy!

giveaway gloves and mittens for kids

A sampling of the items up for review and giveaway all this week!

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Junior Mitten

hestra heli glove junior

You’re right. This isn’t a mitten. This is the Junior Hestra Heli Glove. Photo courtesy Hestra.

BEST FOR: This is a high performance mitten (also comes as a glove) for kids who ski or ride a lot and in all sorts of weather conditions.

WHAT THEY ARE: The Junior Heli Ski mitten and glove are not “dumbed down” versions of the adult models. They’re the real thing, just a bit smaller.

Although I reviewed the mitten, both versions are made of tough water proof fabric, with a soft, but strong, leather palm. With a Velcro strap to lock out snow at the wrist, the Heli mitten also has long cuffs that will fit over jacket sleeves. The cuff can be further tightened with a bungee pull.

FEATURES I LOVE: My favorite feature is found inside the mitten. An ultra-soft and cozy fleece liner keeps hands warm and is removable for easy cleaning or on warmer days when just the exterior mitten will do. Best of all, the liner attaches to the inside of the mitten with a solid strip of Velcro around the wrist. Once in place, it won’t move!

hestra heli mitt and liner

The liner, removed from the mitt.

A carabiner comes with the mittens to easily attach them together and to your child’s coat or ski bag when they’re not being used. Each mitten also has a “handcuff” which goes around your child’s wrist, so that even when the mitten is off, it’s still on and can’t be lost.

hestra glove handcuff for kids

My son demonstrating the Hestra Handcuff.

A BIT MORE INFO: Hestra is a family owned Swedish company founded in 1936 that makes gloves for everyone “lumberjacks to mountaineers.” A supplier for the Swedish National Ski Team, they are also a supplier to the Professional Ski Instructors of America/American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA/AASI).

On a personal note, I have Hestra women’s mittens. They are my go-to choice on the coldest days. I sometimes still need hand warmers (-12 anyone?), but once those are in place, my fingers rarely get cold.

HOW TO GET THEM: You can find Hestra gloves and mittens at retailers listed here or on line. The Junior Heli Ski Mitt retails for $90. Since nothing ruins a family ski day more quickly than a cold kid, I think its money well spent, especially if you ski frequently. The mittens and gloves come in sizes 3-7, which cover ages 2-13. They also come in other colors.

Child younger than 2? Check out the Baby Zip Mittens.

hestra baby zip mitten

The Hestra Baby Zip mitten. Photo courtesy Hestra.

Hestra mittens and gloves can be machine washed, although they advise treating the leather with Hestra leather balm to keep it soft and waterproof.

Hestra heli mitt junior

Photo courtesy Hestra.

GIVEAWAY: One pair of Junior Army Leather Heli Ski Mittens in black and white. Size youth XL, these are just tad small on me, so will work for older kids and moms, too (I wear a size large in Hestra women’s mittens). The tags are still on them and they’ve not been outside!

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Good luck!

To facilitate this post, I received one pair of Hestra Junior Army Leather Heli Mittens to review. This is the pair that I am giving away. As always, all opinions are my own and are exactly what I would tell my family and friends.

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  1. Steph says

    I follow you on Facebook, your blog and pinterest. I would love a new pair of gloves/mittens! Both of my kids get cold hands while skiing. Even expensive brands don’t always seem to be warm enough so we’re always adding hand warmers and liners even on a blue bird day.

    • says

      Awesome Steph! Thanks for the support and good luck. I agree, even “warm” days sometimes need hand warmers and liners. Gotta keep those fingers toasty!

  2. Jennifer schumacher says

    Thank you for these reviews. I find keeping gloves in our kids to be one if the biggest challenges while skiing!

  3. Jessica says

    As a family of 5, we could always use more mittens! Although this year we have yet to lose any *knock on wood*. ; ) I follow you on Facebook. You are my go to for family ski advice and tips.

  4. creddin says

    I follow you on Facebook and Twitter, and now Pinterest. We love our Loki coats which keep the kids’ hands keep pretty warm, but we are looking for a solution for really cold or wet days.

  5. Katie C says

    Love these – they’re good for adults too!!! I have a pair – paid a lot but hands are NEVER cold. Followed you on Pinterest and Google+, already following you on FB and Twitter!

  6. says

    These would be perfect for our -10 snow trip to Japan, though some say -20 – arrrg, bring on the double thermals!!! p.s..we already ‘like’ you on Facebook :)

  7. Heather says

    Just found your blog – love it! These look like fabulous mittens and gloves. Following you on Facebook and Twitter.

  8. Em says

    Bought Hestra gloves for my daughter and it made all the difference…we went from constant crying to happy days skiing. Worth the price for sure. Would love a pair for my boys!

  9. Lisa says

    Holy cow! Just found you and am so glad I did :)I too couldn’t wait for the day we could ski as a family, and now my 6 and 8 year old kids put ME to the test! Would love to add a warm pair of mittens or gloves to this families “hand arsenal.” They are always the things that get cold first!

  10. says

    I need a pair of mittens SOOO bad – these would be awesome (and I think would work for my smalish hands! :)) Thanks, BSM! :) I need to check out the Baby ones too!

  11. Sonya says

    Read every blog you post, happy to have a good resource for our family ski-trips!! My 10 yr old son has cerebral palsy, so as you can imagine it’s almost impossible to keep a child that dosen’t move around warm.. so we swaddle him in the best gear from head to toe before we put him in his ski-Chair… if Hestra is the warmest glove around; then we need a pair ASAP!! He is wearing swany’s now; but almost out of them.

  12. Pamela says

    Thanks for the giveaway! We just moved to CO and getting the girls up on the mountains is a big hope of ours (hopefully this season) especially for next season! And with 3 young girls that are still growing these would get lots of use!

  13. sondra m says

    Family owned company and will keep fingers warm in crazy cold weather? Yes please! Our family could put a pair of these to great use. I follow you on facebook too!

  14. Betsy says

    In eight years and two kids we have only lost one mitten and unfortunetely it was a cute little Hestra toddler mitten.