Happy Holidays from Eucerin (Giveaway)

In March 2010, I was riding a chairlift at Snowbird when I got a call from my doctor telling me that I had squamous cell skin cancer. Later he told me how I could have prevented it. You guessed it: Sunscreen. And not just any sunscreen, but physical block sunscreen, with zinc oxide and titanium (crazy world when we choose to rub metals into our skin!).

Writing about this last spring, I made a plea for skiers to take care of their faces. When we ski a lot, our skin is overexposed. Add the bright sun of bluebird days to the reflection coming up from the snow and it’s no wonder many skiers have faces that look, well, “used.” Who wants that? I don’t.

The Skin First Network

Almost twelve months to the day of my diagnosis, I was contacted by Eucerin and asked to join their Skin First Network. Over the past nine months, they’ve worked with me to share skin care tips and products. I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Eucerin and I hope you’ve found something that you can use in these posts.

This month, Eucerin is offering a Jolly Holiday Kit that is chock-full of Eucerin products. Some of them, I’ve reviewed before: Calming Creme Daily Moisturizer, Calming Body Wash, Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials Lotion and Intensive Repair Hand Creme. And there is also a product that is new to me: Calming Itch Relief Lotion (with menthol and oatmeal for long-lasting relief). Do you sense a trend here?

You should.  Because along with the joys and festivities of the holidays comes the cold, dry air of the northern winter.  And cold, dry air is tough on our skin. Each of these products will boost your skin’s natural moisture and calm any dry, patchy areas. The Calming Itch Relief Lotion is especially nice. The menthol is cooling, but it doesn’t smell like menthol. It just feels really good and immediately takes away any itchiness. And while use and like each of these products, other favorites are the Calming Creme (it’s like giving your skin a drink) and the Calming Body Wash (it helps you leave the shower feeling moisturized).


This month’s prize pack includes all of these great Eucerin products:

These lotions and cleanser come in cosmetic bags perfect for your holiday adventures. And, because you deserve a little festive sparkle, there is also some nail polish thrown in for fun. Because putting your Skin First is not only good for a healthy glow, but a glamorous glow as well.

Resolved: Skin First

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution that will put your Skin First? I do. Even though I should know better, I still sometimes forget to put on sunscreen (or maybe I’m too lazy). For 2012, I resolve to put my Skin First, moisturizing and protecting it, so that even after a lifetime of skiing it doesn’t look “used.” 

Please share your resolutions here and on the Eucerin Facebook page. One winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, December 16th. Good luck!

I am very happy to be working with Eucerin as part of their Skin First Blogger Network. As part of this effort, Eucerin provides me with skin care information, as well as skin care and wellness products. They also provide giveaways to my readers. This month, I will receive the same prize pack as the giveaway winner. Occasionally, Eucerin also offers prizes for creative posts and for completing a series of blogs.

All opinions expressed in this post are my own and reflect exactly what I would tell my friends and family.

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Jessica! Jessica and her family own the website bring-the-kids.com. Check them out for lots of great outdoor adventure advice and fun!








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  1. says

    This year I’m going to always go the extra mile to get a moisturizer that’s at least SPF 30. Oh and put lotion on my hands every day in the winter so that my knuckles won’t crack and bleed as often!

  2. says

    I definitely need to be better about putting on lotion. I was so embarassed the other day when I went to the dermatologist to get a mole removed, and all he talked about was how dry my skin was…so I guess my skin care resolution is to lather up daily! : )

  3. says

    Yes! My son came home from school today with a chapped and red face from his 2 short recesses. I was just thinking about how I need to work with him next year to make sure he applies the sunscreen in his bag even when I am not around. He has also suffered from bad eczema since he was 1 and the calming creme helps!

  4. says

    I NEVER wear sunscreen and am always burned skiing (not good at 10,000 feet!) I resolve to wear it this year!!!! Thanks for some great ski info!

  5. Jonathan Bentley says

    First off, I love Eucerin. I used it for the first time last season when my hands were so dried out that my skin was cracking open. I was in a lot of pain from it until I tried some of this stuff. It worked wonders! Also, my fiancee has eczema and Eucerin is the only thing that brings her relief throughout the year. This giveaway looks amazing for us!

  6. Trudy Choate says

    I really need to work on my skin next year.. My skin always feels like alligator.. I try moisturizer but its not helping.. Sometimes I scratch so much I get sores from it.. Need to try something new