Kids In The Game

Did you know that 62% of U.S. kids ages 9-13 do not participate in sports because of lack of funds? Or that 33% of American kids are overweight or obese by 3rd grade? Maybe you already knew that 70% drop out of youth sports by age 13?

Kids in the Game is a non-profit organization based in Bend, Oregon that works with local communities to raise money to pay athletic fees for underprivileged kids. The premise is simple. Raise money, pay fees, get a kid in the game. On average, $30 will help a child play for one season. But any amount helps.

According to Kids in the Game, youth who participate in after-school athletic programs have:

      • less misconduct and criminal activity
      • higher levels of physical activity later in life
      • better academic performance
      • less substance abuse
      • less teen pregnancy
      • less obesity

Sports are important. I hope you’ll help get a Kid in the Game.