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Spring Escapes: Tropical Hiking On Maui, Snow-Filled Family Time at Alta

This was originally an Adventure Moms column for Women’s Adventure. When I wrote it in January 2013, we were enjoying our 24th consecutive day of temperatures under 24 degrees (yes, this is Fahrenheit and yes, I was counting and yes, … Continue reading

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Our Family Tradition: The Grand Canyon In Autumn

As shocking as it may sound, our family’s favorite outdoor tradition has nothing, but nothing, to do with skiing. Instead, it has a lot to do with hiking and backpacking and spending time together, bonded and awed by the majesty … Continue reading

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Why It’s Good to Be A 5th Grader

My sons, like most kids, are all about growing up. They want to be older, taller, able to do more things and go more places independently. Once they graduated grade school, they deemed it “the worst.” Middle school is something … Continue reading

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Back In Time: On the Trail of Dinosaurs, Ancient Mammals and More

Who doesn’t like fossils? Whether you’re a girl or boy, young or old, there is something absolutely entrancing about taking a look back in time. From giant bones to tiny shells, fossils are a window into another world. While adults … Continue reading

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How to Save Big On Kids’ Ski and Ride Gear

What are you doing this weekend? If you’re not going a) camping, b) to the beach, or c) back-to-school shopping, may I suggest hitting one of the big preseason ski and snowboard sales happening across the country? You’ll be glad … Continue reading

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