Costa Rica Rainforest Hiking: An Experience in Sight, Sound and Touch

hiking up from lake at cerro chat

I should have anticipated rain, especially as we were hiking in a rainforest during the official rainy season in Costa Rica. Still, the sheer volume of water falling from the sky and roiling down the trail was daunting. “I think we should go back,” our younger son appealed, looking at me with worried eyes. A child […]

Summer in Steamboat: Four Hooves, Two Wheels and Water (A Three Part Series About One Busy Weekend)

horseback howelsen hill

I love Steamboat in summer. So it won’t be any surprise that when we visited for a weekend in mid-June that we had a terrific time. Simply put, there is no other mountain town (that I know of) that has so much going on for families of every age. Activities for Kids, Big and Small […]

Unique California: Sea Kayaking Santa Cruz Island

clear california ocean water

Just about an hour off the coast of southern California lie the closest of the Channel Islands. Rising from the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, four of these islands, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel, swing away from the west coast in a graceful volcanic arc.  Together with Santa Barbara, a fifth […]

Spring Escapes: Tropical Hiking On Maui, Snow-Filled Family Time at Alta

chilling at alta lodge

This was originally an Adventure Moms column for Women’s Adventure. When I wrote it in January 2013, we were enjoying our 24th consecutive day of temperatures under 24 degrees (yes, this is Fahrenheit and yes, I was counting and yes, the cold streak continued). While I love to write about skiing, it was a welcome […]

At Québec’s Le Massif, We Can All Be Lugers

luge le massif de Charlevoix

When it comes to crazy winter sports, the “sliding disciplines” have to be among the craziest. Bobsled, luge and skeleton: the names alone can give you pause, let alone the speeds these athletes reach while careening down a solid ice course. Exhilarating? For sure. Crazy? Even more. Especially if you’re a novice. So it wasn’t […]