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Our Family Tradition: The Grand Canyon In Autumn

As shocking as it may sound, our family’s favorite outdoor tradition has nothing, but nothing, to do with skiing. Instead, it has a lot to do with hiking and backpacking and spending time together, bonded and awed by the majesty … Continue reading

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How to Save Big On Kids’ Ski and Ride Gear

What are you doing this weekend? If you’re not going a) camping, b) to the beach, or c) back-to-school shopping, may I suggest hitting one of the big preseason ski and snowboard sales happening across the country? You’ll be glad … Continue reading

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Stage Your Own Multi-Day Bike Trip

Last October, I was inspired. I was inspired to outfit the family and venture on a multi-day point-to-point backpacking trip. I even went so far as to buy a book on the Colorado Trail. Unfortunately, with a late wet spring, … Continue reading

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Parenting Teens: Off the Couch and Into the Outdoors

Everyone once in a while, my husband threatens to throw away the cellphone. Not his, of course, but our son’s iPhone. Watching our son lie on the couch and follow his friends and sports heroes on Twitter drives my husband … Continue reading

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Best Campgrounds in North America: Western Colorado Edition

Today’s post is just one of many written by a great (amazing! incredible!) group of outdoor moms, of which I am lucky to be a part.  While I’m covering a few of our favorite campgrounds in Western Colorado, links at … Continue reading

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