Who Am I?

Obviously, I am a mom and a skier.  I am not so brave, but I try every day to meet life’s challenges with a smile on my face. Curious about why I am the BRAVE ski mom? The answer is here.

I am a Colorado native, from the Western Slope, far from Denver.  I ski over 50 days each year, which means pretty much every weekend day with some midweek days scattered in here and there.

I enjoy road biking and have just discovered that I actually can mountain bike, which is a good thing considering where I live.

brave ski mom

Me. The Brave Ski Mom.

Although I love my family more than anything, I also love my devoted dog, Chawie.  I am trying to master Spanish.  I play classical guitar. I love good cheese and citrus fruit.

I also love to write. If you are interested in me writing for you, contact me.

If I didn’t live in Colorado, I would live in Utah.  And if Utah weren’t an option, you could find me in France.